Jen Psaki turned red with rage after Ron DeSantis made this epic move

The war of words between Ron DeSantis and Joe Biden is heating up.

DeSantis is making the Biden regime look like fools.

And Jen Psaki turned red with rage after Ron DeSantis made this epic move.

Ron DeSantis became a conservative rock star by fighting back against the Left.

After successfully guiding Florida through the pandemic and making Fauci look foolish, he became a top target for the Left.

The Biden regime has continually taken shots at him and used their political muscle to target Florida.

Now, he’s using his sense of humor to land another jab against Biden’s incompetent regime.

In a video for “National Margarita Day”, DeSantis hit back at regime mouthpiece Jen Psaki.

Psaki has taken constant potshots at him during White House press conferences. 

The video started out with a clip of DeSantis sitting at a bar on the beach watching Psaki on a TV.

In the clip Psaki said, “My advice to everyone out there who’s frustrated, sad, angry, pissed off: Feel those emotions. Go to a kickboxing class. Have a margarita. Do whatever you need to do this weekend, and then wake up on Monday morning. We gotta keep fighting.”

Her comments were made in the aftermath of Biden’s election-rigging bill going down to defeat.

DeSantis after looking incredulously at the TV and turned to the camera to say, “Having a margarita is well and good, but it is not a cure for Bidenflation.”

He then added on social media, “The Biden-Fauci Admin. thinks a margarita will solve all the problems they’ve created for the American people. Well, you can have a margarita, but it will not cure Bidenflation, which is causing massive increases in prices across the board for Americans.”

DeSantis’ video comes as Biden caused inflation to skyrocket to 40-years highs.

Inflation is becoming one of the top concerns for voters and DeSantis successfully roasted Biden on his failure. 

This becomes his latest successful attempt at using humor against the Left.

He’s joined in on the “Let’s Go Brandon” craze that’s taken off across the conference. 

He signed his anti-vaccine mandate bill into law in Brandon, Florida.

Biden of course was one of the biggest pushers of vaccine mandates.

He’s also taken to referring to the Biden regime as the “Brandon Administration.”

With his sense of humor and his no-holds-barred approach to battling the Left, DeSantis’ stock will only keep rising with conservatives.

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