Jen Psaki told one terrible lie about Donald Trump that will have you seeing red

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has some explaining to do.

This time Psaki told a huge whopper.

And Jen Psaki told one terrible lie about Donald Trump that will have you seeing red.

Washington Post social media gossip columnist Taylor Lorenz reported that in a meeting with TikTok influencers about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Psaki pushed the deranged conspiracy that the Russians changed vote totals during the 2016 election.

Psaki claimed the way the United States was fighting the Russian propaganda machine in Ukraine was by declassifying intelligence.

“We recognize how important your platforms are, and how important it is to provide as much accurate information as possible to all the people who are using their voices and their platforms to project accurate information. Because the best antidote to disinformation is the truth. One of the big steps we’ve taken, and made a decision to take is to declassify information over the course of the last several months,” Psaki began.

Psaki went on to say this stood in contrast to how in 2016 the Obama administration did not release its intelligence about Russia’s activities in 2016, which Psaki falsely claimed amounted to “hacking our election.”

“If you look back at 2014, and frankly even 2016, when Russia invaded Ukraine and then in 2016, when they, you know, of course, hacked our election here, we did not do that. Right? We did not declassify information,” Psaki added.

Russia – of course – did not hack the 2016 election and change vote totals.

Psaki claiming the 2016 election was not legitimate is the kind of rhetoric the corporate-controlled media now labels as inciting an insurrection and undermining democracy.

Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security states that questioning election results is even grounds for the government investigating you for domestic terrorism.

Even the Obama administration’s intelligence community assessment of the 2016 election admitted the Russians did not hack the election.

“Russian intelligence accessed elements of multiple state or local electoral boards. Since early 2014, Russian intelligence has researched US electoral processes and related technology and equipment. DHS assesses that the types of systems we observed Russian actors targeting or compromising are not involved in vote tallying,” the assessment read.

Jen Psaki – and any other Democrat – can lie about the 2016 election and spread baseless conspiracy theories about the Russians “hacking” the election because the media doesn’t really care about protecting democratic norms or restoring faith in institutions.

All the media gatekeepers care about is defeating Donald Trump.

And raising questions based on lies about the legitimacy of his election is a key part of that effort.

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