Hunter Biden’s latest scandal broke and it has papa Joe running for cover

The last thing Joe Biden needs right now is more Hunter trouble.

From a collapsing economy to the disaster at the southern border, Joe Biden had an epically bad first year in the White House.

Now, Hunter Biden’s latest scandal broke and it has papa Joe running for cover.

According to newly released reports, multiple financiers with direct ties to Chinese intelligence partnered with Hunter Biden both during and after his father, Joe Biden’s, time as Vice President.

This group of financiers includes the former head of the Ministry of State Security and the head of foreign intelligence recruitment.

In his book, Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, Peter Schweizer, who is a senior contributor at Breitbart News, explains that Beijing saw a financial relationship with the Bidens as an opening for “elite capture.”

This relationship Schweizer says gave scandal-plagued Hunter Biden the ability to secure meetings and score major deals with people in the highest levels of Chinese financial institutions and the Chinese Communist Party.

Of course, in return they leveraged the Bidens’ power for their own interests.

One of the key players in the Bidens’ dealings with China is a tycoon by the name of Che Feng or as Hunter affectionately referred to him, “The Super Chairman.”

Che has been described as a “shadowy and discreet investor” and it was his job to bring together Chinese financial powerhouses and the highest-level elites in the Western world, which ended up leading to Bohai Harvest RST (BHR).

BHR is funded by China’s biggest government-backed financial institutions with Hunter and his American partners.

Zhao Xuejun (aka Henry Zhao) was another partner the Bidens were introduced to.

Zhao formed the Harvest Fund Management and was the chairman and Chinese Communist Party general secretary at the firm.

In his book, Schweizer states that Zhao is the most powerful member of Chinese intelligence.

“The seductive and lucrative deal that Hunter was now putting into place, creating BHR, involved two financiers with ties to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence, a billion-dollar private equity deal that we first exposed in Secret Empires. What we now know are the roles played by the spy-connected ‘Super Chairman’ and Zhao,” Schweizer says.

Seems the role Hunter Biden played was quite simple, get these financial tycoons access to whoever they wanted access to in the Western World.

It’s also being reported that BHR invested in the China General Nuclear Power Corporation and worked with Aviation Industry Corporation of China, which is one of Communist China’s biggest military contractors.

Schweizer’s book details the multiple business dealings with Communist Chinese military contractors that helped the Bidens rake in a cool $30 million.

Should the GOP take back Congress this fall, it’s very likely these and many more business deals will be under the microscope.