Hunter Biden’s latest ethics scandal even has Democrats furious

Hunter Biden has profited off his Dad’s political position for years, trading access for money all over the world.

With Joe now in the Presidency he can take his corruption to another level.

But his latest ethics scandal even has Democrats furious.

Hunter Biden has decided to enter the world of art selling off his “original paintings” after transitioning from his former career of no-show work on the board of a Ukrainian energy company.

Hunter, at 51-years-old, is just starting his art career at the time his father is the President.

To protect against allegations of pay-for-play, the White House said Hunter will have no way of knowing who the winning bidders are thus insulating him from corruption.

He plans to sell his paintings to these anonymous bidders at prices as high as $500,000 – far above what the typical first time artist would receive.

Walter Shaub, Obama’s former Director of the Office of Government Ethics, has blown the whistle on this sham.

He stated that because he’ll meet the potential bidders before the show that Hunter or the White House will eventually learn the winning bidder’s identity.

Shaub also mentioned that the exorbitant prices that he’s expected to command are far above the range of a couple thousand dollars even well-established artists could expect.

He concluded by stating that “it sure looks like profiting off of the Presidency.”

Further questions are raised by the fact the art dealer representing Hunter at the auctions is tied to China.

Georges Berges, who represents him, said in a 2015 interview that he wants to be the largest art dealer in China and travels there multiple times per year.

Berges said he wanted to be “the lead guy in China.”

To complicate matters further, he’s been accused in the past of defrauding an investor and assault.

The supposedly anonymous bidders could be tied to the Chinese Communist Party looking to buy influence in the Biden White House.

Hunter’s troubled pay-for-play past became an issue in the Presidential election and his corrupt entrance into the art world could give Joe Biden his biggest headache yet.

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