Hillary Clinton just can’t quell her bitterness as she pushes this outrageous propaganda

Following her disastrous 2016 bid for the White House, Hillary Clinton remained out of the spotlight for a while.

But the Clintons never remain behind the scenes for long, especially now that Bill is making headlines again with his connection to Jeffrey Epstein.

And it appears that Hillary Clinton just can’t quell her bitterness as she pushes this outrageous propaganda.

Hillary Clinton is claiming that Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election is “beyond doubt” and that Russia was likely involved in the Brexit vote, too.

Hillary is known for pushing a lot of extremist views, but to continue pushing this propaganda might be one of her crazier moves.

The failed presidential candidate made these claims during a Chatham House conversation with Tory leader William Hague, which was chaired by ex-foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt MP.

Hague is a self-described “great admirer” and “such a fan” of Hillary Clinton.

Hague asked Clinton, “Are we in a crisis of democracy? If not, what would a crisis look like?”

Clinton responded, “I do think we’re in a crisis of democracy. Russian interference has now been proven beyond a doubt in our election in 2016, but in the continuing efforts to interfere even in the 2020 election, particularly the lead up to it – but I think there was also significant evidence of Russian involvement, if not influence or interference in Brexit.”

Hague, a vocal opponent to Brexit, said nothing to counter Hillary Clinton’s claims even though an extensive parliamentary investigation into possible Russian involvement in Brexit showed no evidence of Russian influence.

Hillary went on to accuse Donald Trump of telling his supporters to drink bleach and blast social media for not doing a better job of controlling the things people say online.

She concluded by saying that political leaders need to avoid populism and take a firmer line with the public in the COVID pandemic by imposing stricter mandates.

“You know what, it’s not easy asking you to wear a mask, and be socially distance – I know it’s hard, but it’s the only way that we know of to break it, and now you’ve gotta get a vaccine . . . and try to rebuild, again, you know, that fact-based trust that is necessary,” Clinton stated.

There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton still has not accepted her 2016 defeat, and likely never will, so she continues to spew baseless, unfounded propaganda.

The Clintons only care about power, ultimate power, and will pursue it any way they can.

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