Fox News just fell for this giant January 6 hoax about Donald Trump

The January 6 Commission staged yet another made-for-TV show trial.

But like every other supposed left-wing blockbuster, it ended up as a dud.

And Fox News just fell for this giant January 6 hoax about Donald Trump.

The January 6 Commission trotted out former White House aide Cassidy Hutchison as their supposed “star witness” for a surprise hearing that was not originally on the schedule.

Committee members floated a dubious story about needing Hutchinson to testify immediately due to threats on her life despite the fact that no one knew who she was.

Hutchinson told a tale that fit perfectly in the Democrats narrative of former President Donald Trump supposedly inviting violence on January 6 by demanding the Secret Service remove metal detectors despite allegedly knowing some of his supporters were armed.

Cassidy also spun stories about an unhinged Trump throwing dishes against the wall or trying to commandeer a Presidential SUV when the Secret Service would not take him to the Capitol.

For his part, Fox News host Brett Baier praised Cassidy’s testimony as compelling and claimed it helped the committee make the case that Donald Trump should face criminal charges.

“She had another, obviously, another session behind the scenes with the committee they are playing the sound bites from and realized the power of this testimony,” Baier told Fox News viewers. “Perhaps politically, in the wake of Roe v. Wade and everything else to keep January 6 on the front burner. Bottom line, the testimony is stunning, and we are going to likely hear from the former President and his reaction to all of this, in one way or another. But you also have other officials, Pat Cipollone, former White House counsel. You have others who are weighing in here, behind the scenes through her testimony. Listen, I think it does move the ball in this hearing.”

But Cassidy Hutchinson’s credibility instantly evaporated as it appeared she told several falsehoods in her testimony.

Trump White House lawyer Eric Herschmann disputed testimony she gave in which she claimed to have handwritten a statement dictated by then-Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows for President Trump to deliver asking the people at the Capitol to go home.

“That’s a note that I wrote at the direction of the Chief of Staff on Jan. 6, likely around 3 o’clock,” Hutchinson claimed during the hearing.

But a spokesman for Herschmann responded by saying, “The handwritten note that Cassidy Hutchinson testified was written by her was in fact written by Eric Herschmann on January 6, 2021.”

“All sources with direct knowledge and law enforcement have and will confirm that it was written by Mr. Herschmann,” the spokesman added.

The January 6 Commission later tried to save the situation by claiming it did not matter if Cassidy Hutchinson told the truth or not.

“The committee has done its diligence on this and found Ms. Hutchinson’s account of this matter credible,” a spokesperson for the Commission claimed. “While we understand that she and Mr. Herschmann may have differing recollections of who wrote the note, what’s ultimately important is that both White House officials believed that the President should have immediately instructed his supporters to leave the Capitol building.”

“The note memorialized this,” the spokesperson added. “But Mr. Trump did not take that action at the time.”

Fox News and Brett Baier should know better.

After years of supposed “bombshells” about Trump collapsing under the slightest bit of scrutiny, Baier should have informed viewers of this context or not praised Hutchinson’s testimony until at least 48 hours passed and multiple sources could go on the record and confirm Hutchinson’s testimony. 

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