Donald Trump revealed the one thing that could stop him from running in 2024

Donald Trump strongly hinted he is looking at a rematch with Joe Biden two years from now.

But will Trump actually follow through on a re-election campaign?

And Donald Trump revealed the one thing that could stop him from running in 2024.

Polls show that Donald Trump leads Joe Biden in a head-to-head match up.

These same polls also show that Trump holds an overwhelming advantage over other Republicans in a 2024 Presidential primary.

And Trump’s advisors spoke exclusively to the Daily Caller and outlined the conditions under which Trump would and would not run for the White House.

Trump will run – his advisors told the Daily Caller – if the GOP scores big wins in this November’s Midterm election.

But Trump will not run if the Democrats maintain control of Congress.

“If the Republicans take the House and the Senate, Donald Trump will run. If we take the House OR the Senate, Donald Trump will strongly consider running. If we take neither of them, he will not run,” a Trump advisor told the Daily Caller.

If Democrats keep Congress, Trump will not run because there is no chance of passing any of his agenda and his four years in office would be a stalemate.

A source close to Trump also told the Daily Caller that if Joe Biden ran for re-election, then Trump would 100 percent enter the race.

“If Biden really does run again, [Trump’s] running without question,” a former Trump administration senior official told the Daily Caller in an exclusive interview.

But some Trump aides question the utility of Trump basing his entire 2024 campaign on the 2020 election saying the American people want a forward-looking message offering solutions to Joe Biden’s failures on crime, the border, inflation, and foreign policy.

“I think that running on the invalidity of the 2020 election is a mistake, because the American people are looking for solutions to the problems that Joe Biden created,” a source close to President Trump told the Daily Caller. “Will Donald Trump talk about solutions? Absolutely. But unfortunately, he’s wrapped around the axel of what they did to him in 2020. And he’s right, but the American people aren’t as interested in that.”

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