Democrats are panicking after Joe Biden set this grim record

Democrats are being forced to face reality about Joe Biden’s failed Presidency.

The damage he’s done was once unthinkable.

Now Democrats are panicking after Joe Biden set this grim record.

President Joe Biden created the worst border crisis in American history after he dismantled any semblance of border security.

A flood of illegal aliens and deadly drugs are pouring across the wide-open southern border.

In fact, 2021 set the all-time record for the most illegal aliens being encountered by Border Patrol agents in a single year at over two million – and that’s just those Border Patrol agents actually encountered.

With the Biden border crisis spiraling out of control, Joe Biden has set another grim illegal immigration record in 2022.

The Washington Free Beacon reviewed internal communications by the Department of Homeland Security that exposed the record number of illegal aliens faced by Border Patrol agents while the catastrophe on the southern border unfolds.

The communications revealed that Border Patrol agents encountered the highest number of illegals on a daily basis in U.S. history.

Border Patrol officials are reporting that the agency is encountering 8,000 illegals per day on the southern border.

That would mean that over the course of just one month, the southern border is facing an invasion larger than roughly 99.5% of all U.S. cities.

A spokeswoman for the Border Patrol didn’t dispute the record breaking numbers, telling the Free Beacon in a statement that “the traffic we are seeing this year is similar to the pattern we saw at this time last year.”

Last September, the Border Patrol faced roughly 7,700 illegal aliens entering the U.S. on a daily basis, which was a record at that time.

Monthly illegal alien encounters had already set a new record with over two million for this fiscal year, breaking last year’s record of just under two million.

The grim, record-setting illegal immigration numbers come while the Biden regime is trying to do a major spin job on the border crisis ahead of November’s Midterm elections.

Vice President Kamala Harris recently claimed that the “border is secure” in an interview with NBC.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre even told self-proclaimed “journalists” that illegal aliens are not walking into the country, and laughably claimed that the Biden regime is doing more to secure the border than the Trump administration.

The Biden regime’s own numbers on the border exposed this absurd election year deception.

“Either the Biden administration is uninformed or they’re lying,” a senior Homeland Security official told the Free Beacon. “We cannot process the numbers flooding our borders and the administration’s solution is scrambling for ways to let people in faster.”

Even Democrats don’t believe the laughable spin job on the border coming from the Biden regime.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) said in an interview that Vice President Harris was “dead wrong” about her claim that the border was “secure.”

“For… the Vice President, or anybody [to] say our borders are secured, that is not accurate,” Manchin told Fox News. “I’ve been there. It’s wrong.”

Joe Biden’s open border policies are creating an unprecedented crisis on the border while the country is left to deal with the chaos.

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