Chuck Schumer’s jaw hit the floor after he got hit with this devastating news

Chuck Schumer’s life is a constant headache managing a razor-thin majority.

He’s desperately trying to ram through Biden’s socialist agenda.

And his jaw hit the floor after he got hit with this devastating news.

Chuck Schumer is trying to hold onto power in the Senate with everything going wrong for Democrats.

Senate Democrats are in disarray over infighting about Biden’s radical left-wing agenda.

With only 50 Senators, Schumer has a paper-thin majority and he can’t afford to lose a single seat.

Biden’s incompetent regime has sent Democrats’ poll numbers plunging across the board.

The 2022 Midterm elections are setting up to be an uphill battle for Democrats.

Now, Chuck Schumer has one poll that’s going to give him nightmares.

Maryland has been one of the bluest states in the country.

Joe Biden carried it by 33 points in the last election.

A shocking poll was released that showed the state’s Republican Governor Larry Hogan leading Democrat incumbent Chris Van Hollen with a 49% to 37% lead.

The poll was a leaked Republican internal poll but who commissioned it remains a mystery. 

The popular Governor hasn’t announced his plans for the future, but Senate Republicans are putting on a full court press to get him into the race.

Mitch McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, recently met with Hogan’s wife to try and sell her on a Senate run.

Maryland, which hasn’t elected a Republican Senator since 1986, is generally considered one of the safest Democrat states.

Hogan, however, is the one Republican who could put the seat in play.

Even in the so-called Blue Wave year of 2018 he cruised to victory by nearly 12 points.

A recent poll showed that he had a 74% approval rating with 71% of independents approving.

In the same poll Joe Biden only had a 54% approval rating with 32% approval among independents.

While Hogan is certainly no stalwart conservative and is more RINO than not, this poll is a disaster for Schumer and welcome news for conservatives.

Hogan running would force Senate Democrats to spend precious money trying to defend what should be a safe seat for them.

With Democrats on defense around the country in what’s expected to be a good Republican year, this is money they can’t afford to waste.

If Biden is at 54% approval rating in deep blue Maryland, his approval rating in battleground states would be catastrophic.

Senate races in Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona would be Republican flips in that scenario.

Stretch races like Colorado and Washington could suddenly be in play.

No matter what Hogan does, this poll will be sure to give Chuck Schumer many sleepless nights.

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