Biden’s $3 trillion plan isn’t enough for progressives. You won’t believe what they’re demanding

Joe Biden has put forward a supposed “infrastructure” bill that will cost upwards of $3 trillion.

Many reports are saying that this “infrastructure” bill doesn’t include much infrastructure.

But Biden’s $3 trillion plan isn’t enough for progressives. You won’t believe what they’re demanding to add.

Progressive lawmakers, like Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey, are pushing Biden to use the infrastructure package to finance part of their radical Green New Deal.

A group of 15 national climate organizations, known as The Green New Deal Network, are urging the President to incorporate the entirety of the THRIVE agenda in his latest socialist package.

Senator Markey introduced THRIVE in February.

THRIVE, which stands for Transform, Heal, and Renew, includes unnecessary and idealistic policy initiatives like a carbon-free electric grid by 2035.

The Massachusetts Senator’s proposal also includes $10 trillion in public spending to achieve “real full employment” through government jobs.

Biden’s bill will reportedly cost about $2.25 trillion, and the price tag on this THRIVE bill will be more than five times as much as the COVID bailout bill the Dems pushed through in March.

The Green New Deal was sponsored by Markey and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in 2019, but it stalled out in the Senate.

But now, with the Senate split evenly and Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris being the tie-breaking vote, it is quite possible this astronomical spending bill could make its way through Congress.

Members of the Biden administration have been strong backers of so-called “environmental” reform.

Still, it should be noted that Biden himself never publicly endorsed The Green New Deal during his 2020 campaign for President.

THRIVE has garnered many environmentalists’ support, but for others, it doesn’t go far enough.

Economist Robert Pollin, who helped craft the THRIVE Agenda, told The Washington Post the Biden package’s $3 to $4 trillion price tag is “skirting on the edge of being inadequate” to meet left-wing climate goals.

Of course, beefing up the so-called “infrastructure” plan with climate-related spending is sure to satisfy progressives, but it will further alienate Republicans who already don’t like the price tag on the plan.

Republican Rep. Sam Graves of Missouri said the package “needs to be a transportation bill, not a Green New Deal.”

Over $5 million was contributed to the Biden Presidential Campaign in 2020 by the alternative energy sector.

Biden also received more campaign money from environmental groups than any other candidate.

Once again, we see big corporations buying their way into significant policy initiatives, and it is going to once again cost the American taxpayers a boatload of money.

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