Anthony Fauci turned as white as a ghost after he was handed this devastating news

Photo by Trump White House Archive, Public Domain, via Flickr

Dr. Anthony Fauci thought this day would never come.

The dam of lies surrounding the pandemic is breaking.

And Anthony Fauci turned as white as a ghost after he was handed this devastating news.

One of the biggest deceptions pushed by Dr. Anthony Fauci during the pandemic is being exposed.

From the start, Fauci tried to discredit the theory that the virus escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China that was carrying out risky gain-of-function research – the process of intentionally altering a virus, making it more contagious and deadly, in order to supposedly study how to stop it.

He claimed that the evidence pointed to the virus originating organically in nature, jumping from an animal to humans at a Wuhan wet market that sold animal meat.

The FBI and Department of Energy recently poured cold water on Fauci’s wet market theory, though, after they both concluded the virus most likely originated from a lab in Wuhan.

Now, more evidence is on the way that could add support to the lab leak theory for the virus’ origin.

House Republicans are pushing a bill that would require President Joe Biden to declassify any information on the Chinese lab that is suspected to have been where the virus leaked, kickstarting the pandemic. 

The Republican push for transparency gained steam when a leading Democrat came out in favor of the bill.

Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) is the highest-ranking Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which is investigating COVID’s origins.

“I plan to support this legislation, both in committee, where we will mark up a companion bill this evening, and the full House later this week,” Himes announced in the House Rules Committee.

The Connecticut Democrat pointed out that it’s normally difficult to determine the origin of a virus, and even more so with the Communist Chinese government stonewalling any investigation.

“At every juncture, the PRC (People’s Republic of China) government has obfuscated and obstructed legitimate inquiries, a deeply irresponsible approach to global public health,” Himes said.

The bill is expected to pass the House, and Himes’ announcement could be a sign of more Democrats coming on board.

“The COVID 19 Origins Act is not the bill I would have necessarily drafted on the topic, but I support it because I share the belief that the intelligence community should continue to get to the bottom of COVID’s origin,” Himes added. “And importantly, I believe that they should make as much public as they can so the American people can consider the best available information we have, as opposed to marinating and conjecture and speculation and conspiracy theories.”

The bill mandates that the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) declassify “any and all information” related to connection between the pandemic and the notorious Wuhan Institute of Virology.

That information includes whether any research on coronaviruses was carried out in the Wuhan lab, and whether any of the workers became sick along with their symptoms.

The campaign to discredit the lab leak theory by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the ruling class elites, Big Tech, and the corporate-controlled media is beginning to crumble.

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