Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was furious when this green scheme was foiled

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is leading the environmental wackos taking over the Democrat Party.

In doing so, she’s also setting the Democrats’ radical agenda in Congress.

But she was furious when this green scheme was foiled.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the radical environmentalists have been running the show during the Biden regime.

Biden, a so-called “moderate,” has bowed to these climate cultists pushing the most radical environmental agenda yet for a President.

His first day in office, he shut down pipelines and froze drilling permits on federal land.

He spent his first year in office trying to ram through most of the Green New Deal in his $5 trillion “Build Back Better” bill.

As a result of the Democrats’ war on American energy and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, gas prices are through the roof.

The radical Left is never going to let a crisis go to waste.

Biden and members of his regime are using high gas prices to try to push electric vehicles.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told Americans they wouldn’t have to worry about high gas prices if they drove an electric car.

Democrats are obsessed with electric vehicles and are using the gas price crisis to force them on drivers.

Ocasio-Cortez’s push for forced adoption of electric vehicles is now the default position of Democrats.

Now, the free market is throwing a wrench into her plans.

The battery that powers electric vehicles is heavily dependent on metals mined with fossil fuels.

Nickel is a key component in lithium-ion batteries that most electric vehicles use for power.

Just like everything else in the free market, its price fluctuates based on demand.

Russia is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of nickel.

With sanctions hitting the country over its conflict with Ukraine, the price of nickel is skyrocketing.

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas said, “As of this writing, nickel is up 67.2% just today, representing around a $1,000 increase in the input cost of an average EV in the U.S.”

He warned that nickel’s surging price could be a major setback for automakers’ push for electrification.

The Left’s war on American mining is backfiring with their plans to push electric vehicles.

Bob Galyen has been a top engineer with GM’s electric battery division.

He warned that the Biden regime has halted mining projects in Minnesota and Arizona while it pushes electric vehicles.

The U.S. sources most of the critical metals for batteries overseas from countries like China.

“We have neither the raw materials nor the manufacturing capacity,” Galyen said to CNN, referring to batteries.

Even worse, with China in control of so much of these critical battery components they could easily shut down the market.

The socialist Ocasio-Cortez’s green scheme to push electric cars is being undone by the free market and mining regulations.

With the electric battery market subject to the demands of capitalism and supply limited by heavy-handed government intervention, perhaps this will teach Ocasio-Coretz a lesson.

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