Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez just got some devastating news about her Green New Deal that she didn’t see coming

Radical environmentalists have grown aggressive in making extreme demands to fight so-called “climate change.”

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal is the latest environmental Trojan horse to bring socialism to America.

But AOC just got some devastating news about her Green New Deal that she didn’t see coming.

One of the centerpieces of the Green New Deal is replacing gasoline powered vehicles with electric cars.

Lithium is the element used to make the batteries that electric cars like Tesla run on.

To replace the tens of millions of gasoline powered vehicles with electric vehicles would require a massive increase in the lithium needed for car batteries.

Encouraged by the Biden Administration’s efforts to promote electric cars, mining is set to begin at Thacker Pass in northern Nevada, which holds the country’s largest lithium reserve.

But Environmental groups, key allies of AOC, are throwing cold water on increased lithium mining.

Environmental activists are using protest camps like those used against the Keystone XL pipeline to slow down the process at Thacker Pass and enlisting the support of local Native Americans to lobby against it.

Payal Sampat, the mining director for environmental watchdog group Earthworks, said “I would push back against the narrative that there needs to be this massive expansion of new minerals.”

Currently, America only produces enough lithium for 100,000 electric car batteries, falling far short of the amount needed to replace the tens of millions of gasoline powered cars on the road.

With China buying up lithium reserves overseas, American mining is essential to the mass adoption of electric cars.

This isn’t the first time there’s been friction between environmentalists about increasing so-called “sources of green energy.”

Experts are concerned that an expansion of wind turbines could lead to the extinction of the golden eagle in the western United States.

The tension over increased mining to produce the vital batteries for electric cars could be a major headache for the success of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.

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