After Joe Biden’s latest humiliating defeat China issued a chilling warning

The liberal elites said the adults were back in charge when Joe Biden was elected.

Now everything is going wrong for Biden.

And after his latest humiliating defeat China issued a chilling warning.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan is shaping up to be one of the greatest humiliations in the country’s history.

The disastrous execution has been a failure on every level.

America’s weakness and incompetence in the debacle has sunk our standing in the world to the lows of the Jimmy Carter era.

Now our nation’s enemies are looking to capitalize.

China put out a chilling warning in an official communist news source.

The communist mouthpiece China Daily stated that the U.S. humiliation should serve as a warning to Taiwan and other American allies that the U.S. military won’t come to help if future wars break out.

It concluded with the ominous warning that this was an omen for Taiwan’s future fate.

Almost immediately after the editorial, the Chinese communists began seizing on Biden’s weakness.

China conducted live fire military exercises with their Navy and Air Force south of Taiwan based on alleged provocations.

They followed the drills up with a warning to the U.S. to cut military ties with Taiwan.

This is the latest of China’s attempts to increase its influence in the region.

They were able to subjugate Hong Kong recently, undermining any sense of the territory’s independence from the mainland.

China has long desired a reunification with Taiwan, which they consider a renegade province.

Biden’s weakness may embolden China to take military action to seize control of Taiwan.

This would be a disaster of epic proportions for the U.S.

Taiwan currently produces 60% of the world’s microchips used in everything from cell phones to cars.

China’s actions following Biden’s incompetence could embolden other adversaries such as Iran and Russia to capitalize on American weakness.

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