A new bombshell report reveals the crisis at the southern border is growing more dire by the day

Security at the border with Mexico is in disarray and officer morale is at an all-time low.

The Biden administration has done next to nothing to curb the flow of thousands of illegal migrants attempting to cross into the U.S.

And now a new bombshell report reveals the crisis at the southern border is growing more dire by the day.

President Biden has been in office for six months.

During this time, the situation on the border with Mexico has gotten exponentially worse.

In 2021 alone, hundreds of thousands of migrants have attempted to cross the border in hopes of reaching America.

Migrants are arriving in droves because Biden reversed Trump’s border policy by halting construction of the Border Wall, discontinuing Trump’s “Remain in Mexico Policy,” and promising amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The mass influx of people has given cover for gang members, drug smugglers, cartels, and even terrorists to infiltrate the United States.

And a new report by House Republicans in the Oversight and Judiciary committees chastises Biden for his complete ineptitude at securing our southern border.

The report rightly points out that Democrats don’t even have a plan to combat the issue:

“After bold steps taken by President Trump stemmed the flow of illegal migrants coming to the United States, the Biden administration has not only reversed course on measures seeking to stop the influx of border crossings but has instituted permissive policies and incentivized immigration through non-legal channels . . . While this crisis rages on in real time, Democrats have no plan – and apparently no intention – of acting to stop the Biden border crisis.”

This sharp criticism comes after Customs and Border Patrol released new data that shows 188,829 migrants were encountered at the border in the month of June, up from only 33,049 encounters during June 2020.

Even worse, there have been over 1 million encounters during FY 2021, with 3 months still left to go. There were only 458,000 encounters in all of FY 2020.

Clearly, Trump’s immigration policies were working.

Numbers of migrants were going in a downward trend, and Border patrol agents had the time, resources, and support needed to enforce our country’s immigration laws.

Now, President Biden and Kamala Harris have spent the last six months dismantling Trump’s “inhumane” border policies without having a plan of their own.

If the GOP keeps holding Biden’s feet to the fire over his catastrophic failures at the border, the Democrats might be in for a rude awakening at the polls.

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