A leading Republican sounded the alarm on this colossal blunder by Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been a catastrophe for the country.

He’s on the verge of his biggest disaster yet.

And a leading Republican sounded the alarm on this colossal blunder by Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden’s border crisis is breaking every grim record imaginable.

A Biblical flood of illegal aliens and deadly drugs, like fentanyl, are pouring across the wide-open southern border.

The border crisis unfolding under President Biden’s watch is poised to spiral even further out of control with the expiration of Title 42.

Title 42 is a public health order implemented by former President Donald Trump that gave federal authorities the ability to swiftly deport illegal aliens to protect the country during the pandemic.

Last month, a federal court blocked the use of Title 42, leaving the policy set to expire on December 21.

A Congressman who represents a border district warned that a “hurricane” of illegal aliens is coming when Title 42 expires.

Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) represents a large chunk of the Mexico-Texas border area that’s being overwhelmed by the invasion of illegal aliens brought on by Biden’s border crisis.

During an appearance on Fox News, Rep. Gonzales dismissed the idea that the Biden regime had any plan in place to deal with the chaos expected once Title 42 expires.

“I don’t know what plan in place they are talking about,” Gonzales said. “I represent 42% of the southern border and everyone in my district is essentially ‘batten down the hatches’ waiting for this hurricane to hit.”

Rep. Gonzales said that Border Patrol officials told one small Texas town that they’re going to drop off 150 illegal aliens every single day once Title 42 expires.

“Their plan is essentially to let them know that this is happening,” Gonzalez added.

Illegal aliens are already gathering at the southern border and waiting for Title 42 to expire before they attempt to cross, according to Gonzales.

“In El Paso, you’ve got thousands of migrants literally camping out on the Mexican side, circling the calendar for this date to go,” Gonzalez explained. “So if that’s the plan, I can tell you right now it’s a failed plan. And it reminds me a lot of the Afghanistan withdrawal policy that got 13 Americans killed.”

The Congressman also said that the Biden regime needs to enforce the country’s immigration laws.

“I think it’s pretty damn simple,” Gonzalez stated. “It’s enforce the laws that are already on the books, and I’ll break it down even further. I’m looking for expanding repatriation flights.”

Repatriation flights fly illegal aliens back to Mexico where they are then given a bus ticket back to their homes.

While the Biden border crisis is worsening, the Biden regime is ignoring any advice that would actually solve it.

“So there are solutions out there,” Gonzalez emphasized. “We just need the administration to wake up and actually be willing to listen to some of those who live it every day.”

The border crisis is going to become a full-blown human catastrophe if Title 42 is allowed to expire. 

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