A key ally confessed something to Fox News that totally blindsided Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s biggest cheerleaders are beginning to slowly back away.

Even his most adamant supporters can’t defend Biden’s failures.

And this key ally confessed something to Fox News that totally blindsided Joe Biden.

It’s apparently no longer taboo for the corporate-controlled media to report on the disastrous state of Joe Biden’s Presidency.

After all, there is an open debate over whether America is heading into a recession – or is already in one.

And even Democrats are not afraid to speak ill of the current economic conditions.

The latest example came when House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) appeared on Fox News and admitted Americans were right to feel like the economy has already entered into a recession.

Of course, no individual in the Democrat Party may be more responsible for Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 Democrat Primary than Rep. Clyburn.

Clyburn’s endorsement ahead of his home state of South Carolina’s Democrat Primary set then-candidate Biden on track for a landslide win that made him the favorite for the Party’s nomination.

But even Congressman Clyburn realizes that unless Democrats speak out on the sorry state of the economy, they risk looking out of touch heading into November’s Midterm election.

“I think a lot of them are alarmed by what’s happening with the economy,” Fox News host Neil Cavuto told Clyburn. “I know the President says we’re not in a recession. Others disagree with that. Just out of curiosity, do you think we are in a recession?”

Cyburn replied by admitting that many Americans were right to think the economy is already in a recession due to the surge in gas prices.

“Well, for a lot of people, we are. There’s no question about that,” the Congressman admitted. “If you can’t afford to buy gasoline, you are in a recession. The investor class in this country is not losing any money. Individuals? Yes. But as a class, investors are still making money. Corporate execs are making plenty of money. That’s not the issue.”

Clyburn’s comments came one day after an unhinged Joe Biden snapped at a reporter for asking about the growing number of economists who believe America is heading into a recession.

But Democrats like Clyburn know that Americans think the economy is going down the tubes and that Joe Biden is massively unpopular.

And even the President’s biggest backers are desperate for ways to create daylight between themselves and Joe Biden in a desperate bid to save their skin in November.

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