A former leading Obama official made a surprising statement that left Joe Biden fuming

Joe Biden has been one of the biggest disasters in American history.

Even Democrats are starting to turn on him.

And a former leading Obama official made a surprising statement that left him fuming.

Joe Biden ran as the biggest open borders extremist to ever seek the Oval Office.

As President, he’s plunged the country into the biggest border crisis in history.

Record levels of illegal aliens and dangerous drugs are flooding across the wide open border.

After repealing Title 42, the situation is moving from a crisis into a catastrophe.

Title 42 was a measure invoked by President Trump to swiftly deport illegals to protect the country from the pandemic.

With that measure gone, the last of Trump’s successful border security policies has been removed.

The southern border could now be facing a full-blown humanitarian crisis as millions of illegals look to get in.

The situation on the border is so bad that a former Obama official is speaking out.

Jeh Johnson served as Barack Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary.

On MSNBC Joe Scarborough asked him, “what do you see as the crisis at the border right now?”

“The numbers are huge. Between 150,000 and 200,000 border apprehensions per month since President Biden came into office. What is happening down there and what needs to change?” Scarborough added.

“Most Americans also believe in a secure border,” Johnson said.

“You go to Laredo, Texas, which is 85% Mexican-American, they want our border under control,” Johnson remarked.

“The numbers of 7,000 a day, and the estimates are now is it could climb over 10 to 18 possibly, are not sustainable,” he added.

“They’re not sustainable in the communities across the border that have to absorb this population. Catholic charities. It’s not sustainable for the Border Patrol and ICE to be able to track these people who keep up with these people. And it’s not sustainable politically for the Biden administration,” he concluded.

When asked by Scarborough if the situation on the border was a crisis, Johnson said, “Yes, absolutely.”

Johnson oversaw his own border crisis thanks to Obama’s reckless policies.

But now the situation is so bad that he’s showing up on Biden friendly MSNBC to call him out.

It’s a jaw-dropping statement from a former Obama official to admit on MSNBC that Americans want a secure border.

Biden has gone so far to the Left on border security that he makes an Obama official look sane. 

While the Biden regime has tried to maintain that all is well on the border, even an Obama official is saying it’s “unsustainable.”

Johnson says the situation is a political problem for Biden but yet he doubled down by repealing Title 42.

Biden is such an open borders fanatic he’d destroy the country and his Presidency to keep them open.

With Title 42 gone, this could be the beginning of more Democrats speaking out against Biden’s border crisis. 

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