A fight broke out at Fox News over Russia for the last reason you’d ever expect

Every major media organization is covering the Russian invasion of Ukraine as the top story.

But some are raising questions about the coverage.

And a fight broke out at Fox News over Russia for the last reason you’d ever expect.

Fox News Channel’s The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld questioned the media uniting around a single narrative about the Russian invasion of Ukraine to provoke an emotional response.

“I can feel the galvanizing force of these stories that kind of, have sped up and are accumulating to create a narrative . . . However, I can’t help but feel that this is a lot like other stories that we’ve gone through in the digital age in which an image is taken and then played over and over and over again to create some kind of emotional response out of you, because that makes a profit for news companies,” Gutfeld stated.

Tucker Carlson raised a similar point, warning viewers that the corporate-controlled media spreads outright pro-Ukrainian propaganda and misinformation in order to drum up support for war with Russia over Ukraine.

Fox News correspondent Benjamin Hall – who is on the ground in Ukraine – took exception and fired a shot across Gutfeld’s bow when he came on the air for a report.

“Good evening, Judge,” Hall stated. “And speaking of someone on the ground, I want to say that this is not the media trying to drum up some emotional response.”

Gutfeld did not appreciate this comment calling it a “cheap attack” but telling fellow co-host Dana Perino he was willing to let it slide.

“What do you think Dana, should I address Benjamin Hall’s cheap attack on me, or be a good co-worker and let it slide?” Gutfeld asked.

Gutfeld said he would not directly respond to Hall, but said his only point was that the media coverage helped shape a certain narrative about the conflict and Gutfled wondered if that only caused more suffering.

“I will be the better man here. As I said before, when this started, we want the quickest end possible. My concern has always been, when a narrative creates a story that bolsters one side, that is out of its element, will you create more suffering? That is the simple point I’m making, is that could this have been prevented if there was a reality-based decision made and not the David and Goliath narrative that could prolong this and lead to more suffering and more humanitarian crisis,” Gutfeld stated.

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