This Hollywood actress refused to bow to the woke mob. And now she’s paying the price.

Elena Ternovaja, CC BY-SA 3.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

The woke left-wing outrage mob is on a mission to destroy anyone who dares disagree with even the smallest aspects of their extremist agenda.

While most public figures have dutifully obeyed, this Hollywood actress refused to bow to the woke mob.

And now she’s paying the price.

Rising star Sydney Sweeney has become a major target of woke self-proclaimed “journalists” in Hollywood as she’s become one of the biggest stars on the planet in recent months.

That’s largely because the woke left-wing outrage mob has deemed her “right-wing” – even though she’s yet to make any political statements, simply because she was raised by a Christian family in rural northern Idaho and has largely rejected the woke idea that she shouldn’t embrace her femininity.

Sweeney under fire

For example, leftist rag Slate targeted Sweeney with two separate hit pieces in rapid succession.

One was titled, “The Far Right Thinks Sydney Sweeney Killed Wokeness…Cause of death? Her boobs.”

The other title read, “Sydney Sweeney’s Boobs Are Not That Big…If anything, they’re kind of average.”

The latest to attack Sweeney was longtime producer Carol Baum, who produced the film Father of the Bride.

After a screening of the David Cronenberg film Dead Ringers, which Baum produced, Baum took shots at Sweeney during the Q&A portion of the event.

Baum told New York Times film critic Janet Maslin, “I don’t get Sydney Sweeney. I was watching on the plane Sydney Sweeney’s movie because I wanted to watch it.”

The film she referenced was Anyone But You, which turned into a sleeper hit amidst Sweeney’s recent rise in popularity.

“I wanted to know who she is and why everybody’s talking about her,” Baum continued. “I watched this unwatchable movie — sorry to people who love this movie — [this] romantic comedy where they hate each other.”

Baum, who is also a professor at the University of Southern California, did not stop there.

“I said to my class [at USC], ‘Explain this girl to me. She’s not pretty, she can’t act. Why is she so hot?’” Baum continued as if she was a jealous teenage girl. “Nobody had an answer but then the question was asked, ‘Well, if you could get your movie made because she was in it, would you do it?’”

She can’t act, so hire her!

Baum summed up one of Hollywood’s biggest problems when she proceeded to claim that while Sweeney “can’t act,” she would certainly cast her in a movie.

“I said, ‘Well, that’s a really good question. . . that’s a very hard question to answer because we all want to get the movie made and who walks away from a green light? Nobody I know. Your job is to get the movie made,’” Baum claimed.

A representative for Sweeney responded to the attack by pointing out that it “speaks volumes” about Baum’s character.

“How sad that a woman in the position to share her expertise and experience chooses instead to attack another woman,” Sweeney’s rep said. “If that’s what she’s learned in her decades in the industry and feels is appropriate to teach to her students, that’s shameful. To unjustly disparage a fellow female producer speaks volumes about Ms. Baum’s character.”