Mark Wahlberg revealed one surprising reason that Hollywood left him ticked off

Photo by Etienne Méndez via Pexels

Actor Mark Wahlberg has nearly three decades navigating the ins and outs of the movie business.

But even one of Hollywood’s biggest stars can still run into issues. 

And Mark Wahlberg revealed one surprising reason that Hollywood left him ticked off.

The 2006 mob thriller The Departed featured an all-star cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Alec Baldwin, and Martin Sheen.

And it gave legendary director Martin Scorsese his only Academy Award win for Best Director.

But making the movie was more of a challenge for Wahlberg than many fans may have realized.

Wahlberg talks about making The Departed 

Wahlberg was interviewed on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, where he dished on his experience making The Departed and the challenges that came with it.

“I was a little pissed about a couple of things but look, it all worked out in the end,” Wahlberg said.

He was slated to have a different role in the movie, but unexpectedly changed parts.

“I had another movie after so I just finished Four Brothers and I was going into Invincible after. I was trying to grow my hair out which is why I had that weird hair,” Wahlberg said. 

In Invincible, which was based on a true story, he played a bartender in 1970s Philadelphia who makes the roster of the Philadelphia Eagles after an open tryout.

“You know everybody was like ‘what was that wig about,’ it was not a wig,” Wahlberg continued. “But I completely understand where Marty was coming from. He had to deal with Jack, he had to deal with Matt and Leo and Alec and everything, the studio and everybody else who was in the cast. And then I was supposed to be in and out in five weeks.”

Wahlberg deals with a hairy situation 

The actor returned from working on Invincible to resume work on The Departed, which left him in a pickle.

“And so I went off to shoot Invincible, got my hair extensions, came back and they’re like, ‘Oh, you gotta take out the extensions,’” Wahlberg explained.

He said that it took eight hours to put the hair extensions in so he didn’t want to take them out.

“So we had a couple issues,” Wahlberg. “But, you know, ultimately, I think when I read that particular role, I was like, ‘OK, this is a good role. This is an opportunity for me to really go off and have some fun.”

He received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Sergeant Sean Dignam in The Departed.