These new jaw-dropping numbers from Fiscal Year 2023 reveal one way Joe Biden is destroying the country

Joe Biden is entering his third year in the Oval Office.

His Presidency has been one disaster after another.

And these new jaw-dropping numbers from Fiscal Year 2023 reveal one way Joe Biden is destroying the country.

The situation at the southern border is worse than ever.

Record-breaking numbers of illegal aliens have invaded the country after President Joe Biden dismantled former President Donald Trump’s successful border security policies on his first day in office.

President Biden immediately ended all construction on Trump’s border wall.

He ended the Remain in Mexico Protocol, brought back the dangerous policy of catch and release, and is preparing to end Title 42, which is the last-remaining border security policy put in place by Trump that allows agents to swiftly deport illegal aliens.

Joe Biden’s open borders policies, his refusal to enforce immigration laws, and Democrats’ pro-amnesty rhetoric has resulted in a Biblical flood of illegal aliens entering the country during his first two years in office.

And the Biden border crisis shows no signs of slowing down.

During the first three months of the new Fiscal Year 2023, over 844,000 illegal aliens were either apprehended after crossing the southern border, or were classified as “got-aways” by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.

Of the more than 844,000 illegal aliens, CBP agents apprehended roughly 631,000 while over 212,000 were able to evade agents and enter the country.

In El Paso, Texas, roughly 32,000 illegal aliens were listed as “got-aways” during the month of December alone.

This doesn’t even include the nearly 56,000 illegal aliens Border Patrol agents apprehended in El Paso during the month of December, bringing the total crossings to more than 88,000 for just one month in El Paso alone.

The situation is just as bad in Del Rio, where agents apprehended more than 51,000 illegal aliens, a nearly 54% increase over the previous December.

Despite the flood of illegal aliens entering the country, many who are dangerous criminals and potentially terrorists, President Biden refuses to lift a finger to try and solve his border crisis.

Republican Governors, like Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Texas’ Greg Abbott are taking action at the state level to protect their citizens against the Biden border crisis.

But there is only so much individual states can do.

One of the few legitimate functions of the federal government is to defend the country from invasion by protecting its borders.

Joe Biden refuses to do that.

And Americans are paying a severe price that could end with catastrophic consequences.

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