The Pentagon is sounding the alarm on one serious Chinese threat Biden is blind to

Joe Biden’s record on foreign policy is deeply concerning.

He does not instill confidence that he can stand up to China and other geopolitical adversaries.

Now the Pentagon is sounding the alarm on one serious Chinese threat Biden is blind to.

China is building up its military and nuclear stockpile as the country has its sights on becoming the world hegemon.

China exporting its neo-fascist ideas to the rest of the world would be a disaster.

Politico reports:

“A new Pentagon estimate says China will likely have ‘at least’ 1,000 deliverable nuclear warheads by 2030, a massive expansion in the size of Beijing’s stockpile. The U.S. estimated that the country’s atomic arsenal consisted of about 200 warheads just last year. The new assessment of China’s nuclear threat is highlighted in the annual China Military Power report released Wednesday, and comes amid fresh warnings of Beijing’s intentions toward Taiwan and new tests of nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles.”

China has already annexed Hong Kong despite months of protests from pro-freedom advocates in the country.

Many believe it’s only a matter of time before China makes a move on Taiwan.

It doesn’t help that the Biden family appears to be financially connected to China.

When Hunter Biden was jet-setting around the world picking up bags of cash, China was one of his stops.

Politico added:

“For Pentagon planners and the Biden administration, China’s maritime expansion is likewise of concern. The breakneck military buildup has produced a 360-ship navy, pushing well past the 297 hulls that the U.S. Navy operates. The Office of Naval Intelligence estimates that by 2030, China will have 425 ships in the water.”

Biden lost the country’s trust after his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Americans were tired of the failed nation-building project, but the Biden administration didn’t have to abandon a strategic airfield and leave behind an arsenal of weapons and helicopters to the Taliban.

It was an incompetent plan, and nobody in military brass suffered any consequences.

Politico continued:

“Commercial satellite images taken over the summer depict new nuclear missile silo fields being built in western China, which along with new nuclear-capable bombers and submarines, demonstrate the country’s ability to launch nuclear weapons from a variety of platforms, a capability quickly approaching the nuclear triads operated by the United States and Russia. That rapid expansion of Chinese nuclear capabilities comes with a growing uncertainty over Beijing’s strategic policy governing how it might use nuclear weapons in a conflict.”

China is building up its military at a time when the country is under increased scrutiny for its role in COVID-19 spreading around the world.

Nobody wants war with China, but that doesn’t mean Americans should be oblivious to the threat of China.

Instead, American corporations like the NBA, Nike, and media conglomerates are acceding to China’s censorship demands.

Ramping up American manufacturing is now more important than ever so the country isn’t totally reliant upon a bellicose nuclear power.

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