Nancy Pelosi saw one letter that crushed her last chance to hold power in 2022

The Democrat’s majority in the House of Representatives faced big trouble in November’s midterm election.

But Democrats still thought they had one card left to play.

And Nancy Pelosi saw one letter that crushed her last chance to hold power in 2022.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats tried to use the January 6 Committee to smear Republicans as insurrectionists and boost the Democrats’ chances in the midterm election.

The committee’s latest scheme was inviting House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to testify about McCarthy’s conversations with Donald Trump during and after January 6.

McCarthy’s comments are a matter of public record and McCarthy rejected cooperating with the committee calling it a partisan sham designed to smear the Democrats’ political opponents or throw Trump supporters in jail.

In a press release, McCarthy slammed the committee as a sham and Soviet-style show trial, and that its existence served as a stain on Congress.

McCarthy wrote:

This committee is not conducting a legitimate investigation as Speaker Pelosi took the unprecedented action of rejecting the Republican members I named to serve on the committee. It is not serving any legislative purpose. The committee’s only objective is to attempt to damage its political opponents – acting like the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee one day and the DOJ the next.

The committee has demanded testimony from staffers who applied for First Amendment permits. It has subpoenaed the call records of private citizens and their financial records from banks while demanding secrecy not supported by law. It has lied about the contents of documents it has received. It has held individuals in contempt of Congress for exercising their Constitutional right to avail themselves of judicial proceedings. And now it wants to interview me about public statements that have been shared with the world, and private conversations not remotely related to the violence that unfolded at the Capitol. I have nothing else to add.

As a representative and the leader of the minority party, it is with neither regret nor satisfaction that I have concluded to not participate with this select committee’s abuse of power that stains this institution today and will harm it going forward.

McCarthy is the latest Republican to decline to cooperate with the January 6 Committee.

Ohio Republican Jim Jordan and Pennsylvania’s Scott Perry also declined to testify before the committee.

McCarthy is likely to be Speaker of the House and Jordan would hold a key committee chairmanship.

Democrats calling them before a kangaroo court was a last-ditch effort to smear two Republicans who could hold key leadership positions in a new GOP majority and stop their momentum.

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