John Kerry is in hot water after he landed Joe Biden in the middle of this lawsuit

Photo by Inter-American Dialogue via Flickr, Public domain

John Kerry thinks that rules are for the little people.

He created a huge mess after one big slip-up.

Now John Kerry is in hot water after he landed Joe Biden in the middle of this lawsuit.

John Kerry recently left his role as Special Presidential Envoy for Climate (SPEC) to work on President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign.

His work as the Climate Envoy landed the Biden Administration in court after a lawsuit from energy group Power the Future.

Power the Future filed a complaint against the State Department – which houses the SPEC office – in the District Court for the District of Columbia for refusing to divulge the names and job titles of Kerry’s taxpayer-funded staff as SPEC.

The SPEC office under Kerry has also refused to disclose that information to Congress as part of its oversight work.

“For nearly three years, John Kerry has been jet-setting on the international climate conference circuit while sending taxpayers the bill,” Power the Future Executive Director Daniel Turner told Fox News Digital. “Today, we begin the process of teaching John Kerry and Joe Biden that they work for the taxpayers. No one should have to waste resources on litigation, but that is our only option since John Kerry thinks he can keep his office off the books.”

Kerry spent most of his time traveling the world as Biden’s point man on global climate change agreements. 

“The American people are on the receiving end of countless green mandates and rules, gas stove bans and skyrocketing utility bills, with no opportunity for consent or input, and many of these decisions are hatched in John Kerry’s office,” Tuner continued. “That is why it is our hope that this litigation will finally bring to light the information we deserve to know: the staff names, the office goals and budgets, the outside partnerships that peddle influence on Joe Biden’s green agenda.”

The Boston Herald previously discovered that the staffers working in Kerry’s office are among the highest paid in the federal government.

The paper filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that uncovered SPEC staffers were paid more than $4 million.

Some of the staffers -whose names were redacted – made upwards of $186,680 per year, which is at the top end of the federal government’s pay scale.

The State Department has worked to keep the identities of the SPEC staffers and the office’s operations under wraps.

Kerry said in a Congressional hearing that revealing the names of his staff isn’t part of “the required process of the State Department.”

“John Kerry and his secret climate office are not above scrutiny and certainly not above the law,” Turner said.

The Biden Administration is moving full steam ahead on banning the use of fossil fuels to force the country to use green energy.

John Kerry worked overtime to keep his office and staff a secret while he was making decisions that would affect everyone’s lives.