Hillary Clinton just said two words about Donald Trump and Russia that no one ever expected

Hillary Clinton is clearly setting the groundwork for a 2024 Presidential campaign.

Clinton knows her likely opponent is Donald Trump.

And Hillary Clinton just said two words about Donald Trump and Russia that no one ever expected.

In an op-ed in The Atlantic magazine, Clinton once again harkened back to the Russian collusion hoax that she invented out of thin air to tie Donald Trump to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Trump has always had a personal attachment to Putin,” Clinton wrote before adding, “which we don’t need to belabor here, and a long-standing admiration for dictators and disdain for democracy—going all the way back to his admiration for the brutal Chinese crackdown in Tiananmen Square decades ago.”

Clinton cast her pitch to voters as a test of democracy versus autocracy with Trump standing against democracy.

“We need a strong democracy in the United States to win the global argument with autocracy,” Clinton claimed. “A strong democracy is also a precondition to mobilizing the resources necessary to deter aggression and compete economically and militarily.”

Polls continue to show Joe Biden’s approval rating tanking.

Multiple surveys put Biden’s job approval in the high 30s.

A USA Today/Suffolk poll found more than half of Americans believe the economy is in a recession or a depression.

Joe Biden is not a viable candidate in 2024 with those numbers.

And Hillary Clinton’s re-emergence on the political scene is no coincidence.

The Atlantic magazine is liberal publication for the Left’s elite.

Clinton authored a piece for that magazine that essentially outlined her campaign stump speech in 2024 so media and political elites on the Left could digest her message and then discuss it on cable news and in op-ed pieces on corporate media outlets.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the collapse of the post-World War II international order will likely define the foreign policy debate in 2022 and 2024.

This piece makes it clear that Hillary Clinton plans to make the Big Lie about Donald Trump colluding with the Russians central to her campaign.

Clinton will tie the lie “Trump colluded with Putin” to say democracy is under attack here in America and abroad.

So-called “fact checkers” won’t dare call Clinton out on her falsehood.

And that is precisely why Clinton will center her campaign on the deranged conspiracy theory that Trump is a Putin toady and that Trump winning in 2024 would stand in as a proxy victory for Putin.

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