You’ll be speechless when you see what Joe Biden is doing to reward illegal aliens

The border crisis is out of control.

On Joe Biden’s watch, illegal aliens invaded the country in numbers not seen in two decades.

And you’ll be speechless when you see what Joe Biden is doing to reward illegal aliens.

Donald Trump imposed a zero-tolerance policy at the southern border in order to enforce the law and prevent illegal immigration.

Illegal aliens used their children as human shields to win release into the county knowing the government could not hold children for more than 20 days.

Trump ended that practice for a period of time.

Illegal aliens sued the U.S. government claiming the family separation policy entitled them to a reward.

Joe Biden initially planned to create a one-billion-dollar slush fund to pay illegal alien families as much as $1,000,0000 a piece in reparations for the zero-tolerance family separation policy.

When that reward money became public, an outcry ensued and the administration dropped the reparations payment scheme.

Now, Joe Biden is pushing a new way to pay off the illegal alien families suing over zero-tolerance.

Homeland Security Secretary and open borders zealot Alejandro Mayorkas told NBC News that the administration will push Democrats in Congress to reward these illegal alien families with amnesty.

“We are advocating to Congress that they provide these individuals with legal status — that requires a statutory change,” Mayorkas said in the NBC interview.

Mayorkas added this was a top priority for Joe Biden and the White House.

“The White House is 100 percent supportive of it, as am I, and we continue to advocate vigorously for it,” Mayorkas continues.

Mayorkas added that in his view, the real victims in this situation are not the American people, but the illegal aliens themselves.

“I myself have met with some of the separated families. I learned firsthand the trauma that they endured and some continue to endure, and it is that that motivates us to make sure that any family that was separated by the prior administration is brought together again,” Mayorkas claimed.

Ever since Joe Biden took office, his entire immigration agenda served the interests of illegal aliens.

The American people and protecting national sovereignty were an afterthought.

And now, Joe Biden is cooking up a new way to reward illegal alien families for violating U.S. law.

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