You’ll be speechless when you hear what Joe Biden told seven-time Grammy Award winner Gladys Knight

Joe Biden hosted the 2022 Kennedy Center honorees during an event at the White House on Sunday.

Biden’s declining mental faculties were on full display for everyone to see.

And you’ll be speechless when you hear what Joe Biden told seven-time Grammy Award winner Gladys Knight.

Eighty-year-old President Joe Biden is suffering from severely declining mental faculties and physical abilities.

His cognitive decline is on full display every time he appears in public.

Even though the overwhelming majority of Americans – including roughly 75% of Democrats – believe President Biden should not seek a second term, he continues to claim he’s running.

But Joe Biden hasn’t done himself any favors in convincing Democrats to rally behind him for 2024.

On Sunday, President Biden held a dinner at the White House for the 2022 Kennedy Center honorees – after all, the annual Kennedy Center Honors do only exist so Washington, D.C. elitists can have an excuse to rub shoulders with the likes of George Clooney.

“The Honors recipients, recognized for their contributions to American culture through the performing arts, are confirmed by the Executive Committee of the Center’s Board of Trustees,” the Kennedy Center writes about the award. “Whether in music, dance, theater, opera, motion pictures, or television, the primary criterion in the selection process is excellence. The Honors are not designated by art form or category of artistic achievement; the selection process, over the years, has produced balance among the various arts and artistic disciplines.”

While speaking about Gladys Knight, Joe Biden completely forgot what century he is living in at this very moment.

“She’s performed on the biggest stages, but a point of personal privilege, I think her performance in 1919 at the 100th anniversary of the Delaware State Fair was pretty special,” Biden claimed.

As hard as it may be to believe, neither Joe Biden nor Gladys Knight were even alive in 1919.

However, President Biden continued without correcting his mistake, only to then refer to Knight as the “Express of Soul” when he should have said “Empress of Soul.”

“I speak for all of America when I say, ‘We’d rather live in your world than be without you in ours,’” Biden said, referencing one of Knight’s most famous songs.

“I told her I think I have about every one of her songs on my phone,” Biden noted, before adding that “I remember them” because “she was only 12 when she was making them.”

Not realizing he misspoke, President Biden continued to embarrass himself, even attempting at one point during his address to adopt one of Hillary Clinton’s old campaign tricks of faking a southern accent any time they’re speaking to or about black Americans.

“Down at the fair, they speak like y’all do down in Atlanta, you know what I mean?” Biden said with a cringe-worthy southern accent.

He also struggled while honoring Cuban-born singer Tania Leon, calling her “Tiana” during his talk.

Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is growing worse and worse.

He may claim he is running for a second term in 2024.

But Joe Biden will have a hard time convincing members of the Democrat Party to line up behind him and ignore his glaring issues.

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