You won’t believe where Kamala Harris is headed as the world watches Afghanistan crumble

Joe Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal was disastrous.

During the entire ordeal, Vice President Kamala Harris has remained in the shadows as many wonder what she’s really up to – until now.

And you won’t believe where Kamala Harris is headed as the world watches Afghanistan crumble.

Since her total mishandling of the crisis at the southern border, Kamala Harris has been eerily quiet.

She didn’t seem to have anything to say about what is happening in Afghanistan and, not surprisingly, has still not remedied the issue at the border.

However, just yesterday, it was announced that Harris would not cancel her upcoming trip to Singapore and Vietnam.

Yes, Vietnam.

As critics of Biden compare his botched troop withdrawal from Afghanistan to that of America’s disastrous retreat from Vietnam in the 1970s, Harris will be headed that way.

Seems like awfully poor timing.

The trip to Vietnam will be Harris’ second outside the U.S. since taking office.

Some are saying the idea of Harris visiting Vietnam right now will lead to the worst photo op for an American in Vietnam since Jane Fonda in 1972.

When Harris arrives in Vietnam, she will be the most senior Biden administration official to travel to Southeast Asia as the U.S. looks to support its allies in the region as they deal with China’s close proximity.

But is this really a good time to be visiting Vietnam?

Most would say no.

According to Harris spokeswoman Symone Sanders, the Vice President is set to discuss regional security, the pandemic, and climate change with Asian leaders.

One could argue these meetings can wait given the turmoil the U.S. is in right now, but it doesn’t appear that Harris has any intention of helping out at home.

Harris has not shaped up to be the powerhouse Vice President many had hoped.

Many political experts assumed she was put in place to take over once Biden’s cognitive decline became too severe to hide.

Given her numerous missteps in just eight months as Vice President, it doesn’t look like she’s ready for the top spot.

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