You won’t believe what police found after raiding this Democrat Mayor’s house

The hypocrisy on the Left knows no bounds, but this takes it to a whole new level.

Law-abiding gun owners in Rochester, New York have been dealing with their staunchly anti-gun Mayor.

But now, you won’t believe what police found after raiding this Democrat Mayor’s house.

Lovely A. Warren has been the Mayor of Rochester since 2014.

She has spent most of her tenure as mayor supporting radical far-left policies.

Recently, however, she has spent most of her focus implementing a broad array of anti-gun policies like gun buyback programs, partnering with the Attorney General’s Office and local churches so residents can “feel safe in their neighborhoods and live the lives they deserve.”

This kind of draconian gun reform initiative isn’t surprising coming from a New York Democrat, but what happens as a result is truly shocking, and shows just how hypocritical liberals have become.

On May 21, Rochester Police raided Warren’s home that she shares with her husband, Timothy Granison.

Granison, a convicted felon who committed armed robbery 24 years ago, was found in possession of, you guessed it, an illegal firearm.

To make matters even worse for Warren, her husband was also charged with possession of 31 grams of cocaine, and was one of seven people arrested as a part of an ongoing city-wide drug investigation.

While Warren spent years trying to take guns away from law-abiding Rochester citizens, it turns out one of Rochester’s most wanted was living under her own roof.

It’s hard to imagine that Mayor Warren didn’t know of her own husband’s shady life of crime, so this story takes liberal hypocrisy to entirely new heights.

Yet another example of the classic “Do as I say, not as I do” policies Democrats love to enforce on a daily basis.

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