You won’t believe what New York just said they’re dolling out $2.1 billion for

Pushing through massive spending bills that “help” Americans affected by the government-imposed lockdowns seems to be commonplace anymore.

It seems like since Biden took office, Americans are seeing “free” money dumped into their accounts on the regular.

And now you won’t believe what New York just said they’re dolling out $2.1 billion for.

There doesn’t appear to be two more hot-button issues right now than illegal immigration and massive government spending.

Neither issue is new in America, but they both seem to be reaching a boiling point.

And in the minds of the Democrats, the best way to solve things is to throw more money at them.

New York State has decided to offer one-time payments of up to $15,600 to illegal aliens who lost work during the pandemic.

The New York Times was quick to note that “undocumented immigrants” didn’t receive stimulus checks and were not entitled to unemployment insurance.

Round of applause for The New York Times for figuring out that people in the country ILLEGALLY can’t receive funds from the United States government.

But this is just unacceptable in the eyes of New York’s liberal lawmakers, so they have set up a $2.1 billion fund to draw from.

The fund will give illegal aliens “who lost work” $15,600, which is the equivalent of $300 a week for the past year.

The Fiscal Policy Institute is estimating about 290,000 people will get money from the New York fund.

New York’s scandal magnet of a Governor, Andrew Cuomo, was quoted as saying, “Just because you are undocumented doesn’t mean we don’t care and we don’t have compassion, and we don’t want to help.”

It’s no wonder the U.S. is in the middle of a border crisis.

New York is currently hemorrhaging money because of the state’s communist-style COVID lockdowns, but that doesn’t seem to matter because they think these illegals or “excluded workers” as they affectionately have named them are deserving of the same rights as a person in the country legally.

The Left lacks basic logic, and this plan is the epitome of fiscal irresponsibility.

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