You won’t believe what Jim Jordan just said about Joe Biden and his presidency

Joe Biden is suffering from serious low approval ratings and he has no one to blame but himself.

The American people have had it with Biden’s radical policies and they’re demanding change.

But you won’t believe what Jim Jordan said recently about Joe Biden and his Presidency.

From his clear mental decline to his horrific policy missteps, Joe Biden’s first year in office is shaping up to be worse than many predicted.

No one was quite sure it could go this bad, this quickly.

It’s so bad that the American people aren’t even taking Biden seriously anymore and he’s looked at as nothing more than a puppet for the Democrat Party apparatchiks in his administration.

It’s a bit scary that the country has no real leader at the moment.

Republican Representative Jim Jordan (OH) has been a very vocal critic of Joe Biden and his administration and during a recent interview he didn’t hold back.

During an interview on Fox News with Judge Jeanine Pirro, Jordan addressed Biden’s comments about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

First Jordan pointed out that in 2020 Biden suggested in a Tweet that Rittenhouse was a white supremacist, but in the wake of the verdict last week Biden remarked that “the jury has spoken.”

Many, Jordan included, are accusing Biden of pulling back on the white supremacist statement solely because he has realized, or his people have realized, that it’s not resonating with the American public.

“If you look at the big picture, judge, I don’t think anyone believes anything the Biden administration says,” Jordan said. “I mean, how many times have they lied to us?”

It’s no longer just something the late-night hosts joke about – Joe Biden is quite literally lying to the American people on a regular basis.

Along with continued lying, Biden is fueling the fires of racial division and silencing the dissenters.

“They just want to say if you don’t agree with me, we’re going to call you racist, we’re going to call you names,” Jordan continued. “And if you try to speak up, then we’re going to try to cancel you.”

America needs more elected officials like Jordan who aren’t afraid to speak up and push back against the Biden regime.

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