You won’t believe what Democrats say about Joe Biden in private

In public, Democrats always want to look like they are rallying around their leader.

But behind closed doors it is a totally different story.

And now, you won’t believe what Democrats say about Joe Biden in private.

United States District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle’s ruling striking down Joe Biden’s mask mandate for public transportation paralyzed the administration.

Biden’s handlers know the public wants to move on to normal life and viral videos on social media showed passengers celebrating getting to take off their masks.

But the Biden administration dithered for two days before making the decision to appeal.

NBC News correspondent Carol Lee reported that Democrats told her they believed Biden’s indecision made Biden look weak.

Lee reported Democrats understand that the country wants to move past the pandemic and get back to life as it was in 2019 and that Biden missed the chance to lead that parade by not embracing Judge Mizelle’s decision.

“There are Democrats that I have spoken to that have said ‘look, the president looks weak here, he could’ve come out and owned this moment, this transition in the country where people are taking off their masks in transportation.’ He didn’t do that. Instead, he’s being led by the courts and then the other side of that is other Democrats say ‘well, if he did come out, own that,” Lee reported. “There’s polling that shows Democrats like these mask mandates, at least some of them do and they’re more inclined to mask up.”

But Lee said Democrats’ support for mandates and embracing the pandemic as a lifestyle hamstrung the Biden administration.

“And he risks offending those people in his own party,” Lee explained. “So, what you’re seeing is this just allowing the courts to make this decision even though you heard White House press secretary Jen Psaki say just moments ago that public health decisions should not be made by the courts. The concern that some Democrats have is that this just looks like a lack of leadership on critical issues.”

Joe Biden’s leadership on COVID has been one mixed message after another.

Biden’s handlers understand Biden campaigned on “crushing the virus.”

But Democrats are so wedded to the public health bureaucracy and their own voters’ fear of lifting COVID mandates that Biden refuses to announce COVID is over and take a victory lap.

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