You won’t believe what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just told CNN’s Don Lemon about Critical Race Theory

Parents all across the country are rising up in droves to oppose the teaching of Marxist-based Critical Race Theory in their children’s classrooms.

For the past several months, Democrats tried to claim that Critical Race Theory doesn’t actually exist.

But you won’t believe what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just told CNN’s Don Lemon about Critical Race Theory.

Marxist-based Critical Race Theory teaches children that America is a nation founded on white supremacist institutions.

But it’s not just being taught in classrooms across the country.

Critical Race Theory is infesting all parts of our federal government – including our military.

But despite the massive uprising against Critical Race Theory over the past several months, including several states banning the teaching of it in schools, the Democrats and the corporate-controlled media are still claiming that it doesn’t exist and is just something Republicans “made up” for political reasons.

Ilhan Omar pushed this talking point on social media, claiming that Critical Race Theory was just a figment of the Republican’s imagination.

But Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) just decided to jump into the debate over Critical Race Theory.

And as usual, she approached the argument from way out in socialist left field.

During an interview on Monday with CNN’s Don Lemon, AOC lashed out at opponents of Critical Race Theory, saying it was nothing more than the Republican Party “using a white supremacist core logic” to “reanimate a fear of the other.”

AOC went on to accuse Republicans of redefining Critical Race Theory to use it as a scare tactic to motivate voters.

“The Republican base and party has pivoted to using race and using the changing demographics of this country and as we saw on January 6, using a white supremacist core logic in order to reanimate a very core fear of the other in this country,” AOC began.

AOC then pivoted to the usual Democrat talking points, claiming that Critical Race Theory isn’t being taught in schools to children, which is patently false.

“Critical Race Theory is not taught in elementary school, it’s barely taught in law schools frankly in the level it should be taught,” added AOC.

Of course, polls show that Critical Race Theory is one of the top issues on the minds of voters heading into the 2022 midterm elections.

AOC has already caused several political headaches for Democrats with her constant calls for defunding the police.

And now it looks like she’s about to cause even more political headaches by jumping into the debate over Critical Race Theory that’s raging right now in America.

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