You won’t believe how the media will force Joe Biden to resign

The corporate-controlled media is normally an ally for any Democrat Party politician.

But the press just turned on Joe Biden with a vengeance.

And you won’t believe how the media will force Joe Biden to resign.

The drip-drip-drip of scandal surrounding Hunter Biden is about to turn into a flood that could overwhelm the Biden administration.

During the 2020 campaign, Joe Biden stood in front of the country and declared that his son Hunter Biden never made any money from Communist China.

The corporate-controlled media began reporting on that story well after the election was over in the knowledge that if journalists had dug into the Biden family’s business dealings Donald Trump may have won the election.

Once CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times all admitted the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop were real, NBC’s Kristen Welker asked White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield if Biden stood by his statement that Hunter Biden did not strike any business deals in Communist China.

“During the last Presidential debate, [Joe] Biden was asked if there’s anything inappropriate or unethical about his son’s relationships, business dealings in China and/or Ukraine. The President said ‘nothing was unethical.’ He went on to say, ‘My son has not made money in terms of this thing about, talking about China.’ Does the White House stand by that comment?” Welker asked.

Bedingfield responded that the administration stood by Biden’s claim.

“We absolutely stand by the President’s comment,” Bedingfield responded. “And I would point you to the reporting on this, which referenced statements that we made at the time, that we gave to The Washington Post, who worked on this story. But as you know, I don’t speak for Hunter Biden so there’s not more I can say on that.”

But Biden was lying.

And now, the White House is too.

NBC reported that Hunter Biden raked in around $5,800,000 million dollars from business deals with companies in Communist China.

NBC News noted, “Biden made $5.8 million, more than half his total earnings from 2013 to 2018, from two deals with Chinese business interests.”

“Biden’s most lucrative business relationship was acting as a consultant in a project with a company that belongs to a once-powerful Chinese businessman who is now thought to be detained in his homeland,” the report continued.

“According to business records referred to in the Senate report, Hudson West III, a venture funded by the Chinese oil and natural gas company CEFC and its chairman, Ye Jianming, paid $4,790,375.25 to Owasco P.C. over about one year,” NBC concluded.

Hunter Biden is under criminal investigation for tax fraud and not registering as an agent of a foreign government.

The velocity of the reporting on this matter suggests a resolution on this investigation – and one that likely includes criminal charges – is coming down the pike.

It’s no surprise that this also coincides with polls showing Joe Biden’s approval rating dipped below 40 percent.

If Joe Biden is toxically unpopular, then he stands of no use to the Democrat Party.

And it looks like the media is preparing to shove him out the door before the end of his first term using the Hunter Biden scandal.

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