Winsome Sears dropped the hammer on Democrats with this crushing truth

With the White House and Congress in their grasp after 2020, Democrats have been stunned to find themselves on the defensive.

Now, the Left is fearing an electoral wipeout in the 2022 Midterms.

And Winsome Sears just dropped the hammer on Democrats with this crushing truth.

After not electing a Republican to a state-wide office in over a decade, conservatives swept Virginia’s 2021 elections, in large part due to a backlash of parents furious over critical race theory and woke transgender ideology infecting their children’s classroom.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe committed one of the biggest political gaffes in recent memory when during a Gubernatorial debate, the former Governor attacked the idea of parents playing a role in their children’s education.

For her part, Republican Winsome Sears also became the first black female Lieutenant Governor in the history of the Commonwealth.

And in an appearance on Fox & Friends Weekend, Lt. Gov. Sears slammed the Democrats’ slavish devotion to teacher’s unions, and called for more school choice.

Sears explained that children belong to parents, not education bureaucrats and woke activists.

“The money must follow the child and not the brick building,” Sears explained. “Children belong to us. I gave a speech last night where I talked about one of my favorite programs, the board and the board says you will assimilate… the existence as you know it is over and resistance is futile.”

“They’re talking about our children, and we’re not having it,” she continued. “You can’t take our children. Our children belong to us.”

The Lieutenant Governor added that parents should have the option to pick the school that best suits their child’s needs, so they don’t have to see their children indoctrinated with transgenderism and Marxist Critical Race Theory.

“We are their first teachers,” Sears said. “And we need the tax money that we give you to give it back to us so that we can decide what schools our children should attend, so they don’t have to listen to this kind of nonsense. So they don’t appear on the streets doing this kind of ridiculous stuff where they need a good education so that they can have a hope and a future. That’s what this is about.”

For years “education” was seen as an issue that was an advantage for the Left.

But after Democrats – at the behest of their teacher’s union paymasters – kept schools closed for nearly two years during the pandemic, that dynamic flipped.

Thanks to school closures and wokeism in the classroom, Republicans are now on an even playing field with Democrats on the issue of education.

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