When you hear why Ron DeSantis rejected this demand from Joe Biden you’ll be grinning from ear to ear

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just fired a major shot across Joe Biden’s bow.

Biden never saw it coming.

And when you hear why Ron DeSantis rejected this demand from Joe Biden you’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

The Freedom Convoy of truckers protesting COVID mandates was expected to make its way to Washington, D.C. by the speech.

And in response, the Biden administration sought to turn the nation’s Capital into a militarized police state to suppress the ability to peacefully protest Joe Biden’s agenda.

The Pentagon sought to deploy 700 to 800 National Guard troops around Washington, D.C. to set up roadblocks to prevent the truckers gathering around the Capitol building.

As part of this effort, the Biden administration requested the state of Florida deploy National Guardsmen to Washington, D.C.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis rejected this request and would not allow the Florida National Guard to help Joe Biden reprise the military of the occupation of the Capitol that took place in 2021.

After the events of January 6, the Biden administration, Nancy Pelosi, and the Capitol Hill police turned Washington, D.C. into an occupied zone.

Pelosi put up fencing around the Capitol Building and the Biden administration deployed thousands of National Guard troops for weeks on end.

Biden and Pelosi deployed a military occupation of Washington, D.C. after January 6 to intimidate anyone who intended to protest Joe Biden’s inauguration or the policies Biden intended to impose.

Now with Biden delivering the State of the Union amid crisis at home and abroad, the Biden administration is looking for a repeat of 2021’s show of military force to suppress dissent.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis does not want any part of this intimidation scheme.

And by turning down the Biden administration’s request for National Guard troops, DeSantis set the template for how red state Governors should respond to the Biden administration once again looking to turn Washington, D.C. into a militarized zone.

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