When you find out who Mitt Romney blamed for Russia invading Ukraine you’ll be seeing red

Russian President Vladimir Putin finally pulled the trigger.

The Russian President made the first move in trying to reconstitute the old Soviet empire.

And when you find out who Mitt Romney blamed for Russia invading Ukraine, you’ll be seeing red.

When Putin ordered troops into Ukraine, Mitt Romney blamed Donald Trump and the America First movement for Joe Biden’s failure and Putin’s aggression.

This is now the second time Putin invaded Ukraine on Joe Biden’s watch.

Putin annexed Crimea in 2014 when Biden was Vice President.

And now, Putin is looking to swallow Ukraine whole and reabsorb the nation into what Putin wants to make a reformed U.S.S.R.

But it should be noted that Putin never invaded Ukraine on Donald Trump’s watch.

And it was Trump that sought to deter Russia by sanctioning the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline that would have rendered Germany dependent on Russian natural gas shipments.

Biden lifted those sanctions after taking office.

Biden also botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan and allowed the Taliban to overrun the nation and seize power within a matter of days.

Many point to that fiasco – which Joe Biden orchestrated by trying to push the withdrawal date back to the symbolic date of September 11, which is fighting season in Afghanistan – as opening Putin’s eyes to Biden’s weakness and incompetence.

Mitt Romney hated the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan because he supports a John McCain/Hillary Clinton style foreign policy of endless interventions.

But had America stuck to the original May 1 withdrawal date that Donald Trump negotiated, disaster would not have fallen so swiftly.

This is now the second foreign policy fiasco to occur on Joe Biden’s watch.

Donald Trump’s America First foreign policy delivered four years of relative peace as America engaged in no new wars.

Trump was the first President in over 40 years to notch that achievement.

Joe Biden was the one part of two administration’s that blundered the response to Putin.

It’s impossible to ignore the fact that Donald Trump’s America First foreign policy did not result in the largest land war in Europe since World War II.

This conflict is the result of the bipartisan foreign policy consensus of the last two decades consistently underestimating Putin.

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