Vladimir Putin delivered one chilling warning that had all hell breaking loose

Russian President Vladimir Putin is not backing down on his invasion of Ukraine.

Leaders around the world are on edge about the war going nuclear.

And Vladimir Putin delivered one chilling warning that had all hell breaking loose.

During a recent speech to his nation, Russian President Vladimir Putin hinted at unleashing Joe Stalin-level crackdown and genocide against his own people.

Putin accused Western countries of exploiting a so-called “fifth column” inside Russia to sow discord.

“The West will try to rely on the so-called fifth column, on national traitors, on those who earn money here with us but live there. And I mean ‘live there’ not even in the geographical sense of the word, but according to their thoughts, their slavish consciousness,” Putin stated.

Putin called anyone opposed to his regime and the war in Russia not really Russian.

“Such people who by their very nature, are mentally located there, and not here, are not with our people, not with Russia,” Putin declared.

Putin then went further describing opposition to his war as “scum” and “traitors.”

“But any people, and even more so the Russian people, will always be able to distinguish true patriots from scum and traitors, and simply spit them out like a gnat that accidentally flew into their mouths, spit them out on the pavement,” Putin exclaimed.

Putin’s already ordered police to arrest anti-war demonstrators.

The Russian President also ended independent media, making it illegal to criticize the government or the war.

Now, Putin’s hinting that mass arrests and the Gulags are coming back.

The mental state of Vladimir Putin is one of the main questions hovering over this war.

A leader that calls his own people traitors and promises that they will be “spit out on the pavement” is in a dangerous state of mind.

This calls into question the judgment of hawks like Mitt Romney, Adam Kinzinger, and others who want to escalate the war with Russia by establishing a no-fly zone or by providing Ukraine with MiG-29 fighters.

Putin’s already hinted that his response to such escalation would be deploying nuclear weapons.

Intelligence officials believe that these threats are genuine and Putin’s mental state is a reason why it is within the realm of possibility that Putin would be the first world leader in 77 years to order a nuclear strike.

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