Virginia’s Republican Governor-elect ran on fixing the schools but his pick for Education Secretary has some believing he pulled a fast one on Republicans

Voters in Virginia sent a very clear message back in November that they were done with the radical leftist agenda being forced on their children in schools.

Republicans ran statewide with a unified message of fixing the schools and making sure parents were involved in what was being taught to their children.

Virginia’s Republican Governor-elect, in fact largely ran his successful campaign on fixing the schools, but his pick for Education Secretary has some believing he pulled a fast one on Republicans.

Glenn Youngkin hasn’t even taken office yet but he’s already proving that he isn’t who voters thought he was and his most recent move has a lot of parents very concerned.

Just days after being elected, Youngkin started walking back his pre-election calls for school choice.

The Governor-elect started talking about “fixing public education” and not so much about providing school choice for parents.

Statements like these have many Virginians worried.

Not long after those statements were made, Youngkin announced he was hiring LGBTQ activist, Joshua Marin-Mora, as a communications staffer, which totally flew in the face of the messaging most Republicans ran on.

“So, Youngkin chose a guy with pronouns in his bio to do his comms who also served on the Georgetown Latinx Leadership Forum and supports virtually everything Youngkin’s voters voted against,” tweeted Pedro L. Gonzalez, a writer for the influential conservative think tank Claremont Institute, in a series of Tweets.

If you thought all that was bad, it got worse earlier this week.

Governor-elect Youngkin announced his appointment for State Education Secretary and his choice has many Republicans realizing how liberal he may be.

Aimee Rogstad Guidera is Youngkin’s pick for the education slot and according to sources, Guidera is deeply tied into organizations that underwrite the spread of Critical Race Theory.

Guidera was the founder and longtime chief executive of the Data Quality Campaign (DQC) and ran it from 2005 until May 2018, when she left to pursue private consulting.

DQC was started by a number of key supporters of major failures in public education such as the Common Core curriculum effort.

One of DQC’s major funders was The Gates Foundation.  

Yes, that Gates – Bill and Melinda.

DQC is the biggest education-related job on Guidera’s resume and the company is heavily tied to the Swamp on almost every education issue possible including Common Core and the Marxist-style Critical Race Theory (CRT).

According to an article by The Federalist, DQC did a “case study” in 2018 to explain how they “aim to use data to fundamentally transform” the purpose of public school to focus on what they call “socioemotional learning or SEL.”

SEL focuses on student’s “non-academic behaviors,” like beliefs and personalities and is often used as an excuse to inject CRT into schools.

These are all issues Youngkin promised voters he’d “handle” and by “handle” voters took him to mean get rid of.

Doesn’t look like that’s his plan.

It appears he may just be another RINO trying to inject his left-wing ideologies into the conservative base after all.

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