Unhinged environmental extremist activists pulled off one crime that will have you seeing red

Photo by Kenueone via Wikimedia, CC0 1.0, https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/deed.en

The radical left-wing environmentalist movement has spiraled out of control.

Leftists are getting bolder and bolder with their “green” interventions.

And unhinged environmental extremist activists pulled off one crime that will have you seeing red.

Leftists are malignant narcissists. 

They believe they have the right to disrupt and control other people’s lives if they do not agree with their political agenda.

For example, radical leftists will block highway traffic and stop the working class from getting to work on time because they’re protesting for whatever pet cause of the day.

In that vein, unhinged environmental extremists are some of the biggest narcissists on the planet.

At the Louvre in Paris, two environmental extremist activists threw paint at the Mona Lisa.

The painting was undamaged because it was encased by thick glass, but these types of disruptions are increasing in frequency.

“What is more important?” one activist shouted. “Art or the right to have a healthy and sustainable food system?”

Reuters reported that the deranged activists “represented the French organization ‘Riposte Alimentaire’ (Food Response), which issued a statement saying the protest sought to highlight the need to protect the environment and sources of food.”

The radical environmentalist movement makes zero sense.

They claim to care about the global poor, but their energy policies would trap the global poor in grinding poverty because cheap and abundant energy is needed to raise standards of living.

These activists would be ensuring the deaths of millions of people around the globe.

Beyond that, their interventions do not even make sense using their own logic.

For example, new electric vehicles have a larger carbon footprint than used cars, but they are not calling on people to buy used vehicles.

They claim to care about wildlife, but they want to build windmills and solar panels, which are inefficient in terms of land usage.

They displace wildlife, and in the case of windmills, they kill birds.

And in the end, wind and solar energy sources do not produce nearly enough energy to be primary sources of power.

Also, the EV push ignores the fact that heavy machinery is required to mine for the rare earth minerals needed for the batteries, which are also bad for the environment.

None of it makes sense, but the goal is about control of the economy.

The people throwing soup at paintings are just useful idiots that need to be tackled by security.