Tucker Carlson’s claims about the NSA just got more credible

Tucker Carlson said that the NSA spied on him.

The corporate-controlled press mocked him and said he made the whole thing up.

But Carlson’s claims about the NSA just got more credible.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently made the bold claim that the National Security Agency read private communications between him and his producer.

CNN and other so-called “mainstream” media outlets ripped Carlson despite the fact NSA surveillance of Americans has been proven – former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper famously lied under oath about NSA monitoring.

But Carlson’s assertion got more credibility after Axios released a story about how Carlson was using back channels to secure an interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Axios reports:

“Axios submitted a request for comment to the NSA on Wednesday, asking whether the agency would also be willing to categorically deny that the NSA intercepted any of Carlson’s communications in the context of monitoring somebody he was talking to in his efforts to set up an interview with Putin. An NSA spokesperson declined to comment and referred Axios back to the agency’s earlier, carefully worded, statement. In other words, the NSA is denying the targeting of Carlson but is not denying that his communications were incidentally collected.”

Predictably, the Left pivoted to the argument that Carlson deserved to be spied on because of his attempts to interview Putin.

It’s amazing how the story went from “Tucker lied” to “Tucker should’ve been spied on by the NSA.”

Carlson commented on the Axios report and said:

“I told nobody I was doing this other than my executive producer, Justin Wells…I wasn’t embarrassed about trying to interview Putin. He’s obviously newsworthy. I’m an American citizen, I can interview anyone I want and I plan to . . . But the Biden administration found out anyway, by reading my emails. I learned from a whistleblower that the NSA planned to leak the contents of those emails to media outlets.”

Carlson has been one of the sharpest critics of the intelligence community and the entrenched war party, so it’s no wonder the establishment is itching to discredit him and take him off the chessboard.

It’s telling that the corporate-controlled press has been howling about press freedoms the past few years, but they barely bat an eye when a journalist gets spied on by the NSA.

The Left isn’t interested in principle, only power.

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