Tucker Carlson took one trip that could mean he is leaving Fox News for a surprising new job

Tucker Carlson is the top star at Fox News Channel.

But is Carlson’s heart set on staying at Fox News for the long term?

The question came up after Carlson took one trip that could mean he is leaving Fox News for a surprising new job.

Tucker Carlson is all set to headline the annual Iowa Family Leadership Summit.

This visit stuck out like a sore thumb for obvious reasons.

There is an old saying in politics that “no one ends up in Iowa by accident” meaning the only reason any political figure travels to Iowa is because the Hawkeye State is home to the first Presidential nominating contest on the calendar every four years.

Anyone even remotely interested in politics that ventures to Iowa to headline a major event immediately stokes Presidential campaign speculation.

Last year, rumors floated that GOP donors saw Carlson as the ideal Presidential candidate due to the massive appeal of his Fox News show as well as Carlson’s ability to eloquently and effectively argue for Donald Trump’s America First agenda.

Carlson tried to throw cold water on the speculation.

“I mean, I guess if like I was the last person on earth I could do it, but I mean, it seems pretty unlikely that I would be that guy,” Carlson said at the time. “If I were running for President — which obviously I would never do, I would be insane to run for President, I would never do that.”

When the news broke that Carlson would deliver the speech in Iowa, journalist David Freedlander attempted to shoot down any Presidential hype about Carlson, but ironically made the case that Carlson could be the next Donald Trump.

“Before everyone gets too excited, just take a breath: no way someone gives up a lucrative TV bid to run for President, especially considering that they would have their finances and personal life examined in a way they haven’t been before. Guy’s never been elected to anything!” Freedlander exclaimed.

The experts also said Trump would never run for President because he had a lucrative TV gig hosting The Apprentice and would never want his finances examined.

And those predictions blew up in all the “experts” faces.

Only time will tell whether Tucker is indeed testing the water or not. 

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