Tucker Carlson told Fox News viewers that this RINO traitor is afraid to do one thing

Tucker Carlson is the top-rated host on Fox News Channel for a reason.

Carlson tells his viewers like it is and pulls no punches.

And Tucker Carlson told Fox News viewers that this RINO traitor is afraid to do one thing.

Tucker Carlson dragged Republicans in the House and Senate for mindlessly following Joe Biden’s slow walk into war with Russia.

The step toward conflict between the world’s two biggest nuclear powers came when the House overwhelmingly passed an additional $40 billion in military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Biden administration officials increasingly made it clear their goal was the destruction of the Russian army, which essentially puts America at war with Russia.

With the exception of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Senate Republicans appear poised to approve this aid with no debate or resistance.

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell outrageously declared the war in Ukraine the most important issue in the world.

“I think we all agree the most important thing going on in the world right now is the war in Ukraine,” McConnell claimed.

That set off Carlson who explained to viewers that the most important issues facing America were the invasion at the southern border, Joe Biden’s inflation, and rampant crime in Democrat-run cities.

Carlson then called for the primary defeat of Mitch McConnell and any of the Senate RINOs who agreed with McConnell’s absurd claim.

“You’ve gotta hope that there’s some sincere billionaire out there who’s gonna fund a primary challenge against every single of those Republican senators standing by Mitch McConnell,” Carlson added.

Carlson then played a clip of Lindsey Graham essentially calling for war with Russia by saying there is no exit ramp for Russian President Vladimir Putin and the only way for this conflict to end is with regime change in Russia.

That led to Carlson telling viewers that Lindsey Graham is afraid to come on his show and debate the matter.

“It’s weird to see a guy live out his strange little fantasy life on TV live,” Carlson added. “Lindsey Graham won’t come on this show. He’s afraid.”

Joe Biden claims he does not want World War III with Russia.

But all of the actions and comments from his administration are sleepwalking America towards nuclear war with Moscow.

And this is all happening with the blessing of the vast majority of Senate Republicans.

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