Tucker Carlson just took this once beloved Republican Governor to task over recent legislation decisions

There is one thing every politician has in common – they will inevitably disappoint their base.

It doesn’t matter how solid they seem; there is no such thing as a perfect elected official.

And, Tucker Carlson just took this once-beloved Republican Governor to task over recent legislation decisions.

Republican South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem staunchly opposed shutting down her state during the COVID pandemic and refused to institute a mask mandate.

Her vocal stance and push back against the Left has made her a darling of the conservative movement.

Well, that is, until recently.

The South Dakota House put forth bill 1217, which bans biological males from participating in women’s high school sports. In a surprise move, Noem refused to sign the bill and instead announced the creation of a coalition separate from the bill.

Noem’s decision left many of her supporters befuddled and frustrated.

During an interview with Noem, Tucker Carlson suggested that she caved to pressure from the NCAA over the bill.

“So you are saying the NCAA threatened you, and you don’t think you can win that fight. They said if you sign this, we won’t allow girls in South Dakota to play, and you don’t think you can win in court even though the public overwhelmingly supports you nationally, and so you are caving to the NCAA? I think that’s what you are saying?” Carlson asked.

Noem quickly responded, telling Carlson he was wrong.

According to Noem, she has been consulting with legal scholars and professors since last November on how to protect women’s sports and that these supposed experts advised her to create a coalition.

“I’m sick and tired of the NCAA threatening states, challenging us and bullying us. So we are going to build a coalition of leaders, athletes and people who want to protect women’s sports and want to make sure that our women keep Title IX in place to protect their right to be competitive and to be rewarded by participating in these team sports and make sure this coalition can fight the NCAA to make sure we are protecting Title IX,” Noem said.

Carlson quickly responded and inquired as to why Title IX is even “relevant” because we’re dealing with “thousands of years of common sense and tradition. Girls play girls sports and boys play boys sports.”

Not one to let anything slide, Carlson asked Noem why she didn’t just tell the NCAA to “bring it” and fight this in the court of public opinion?

Noem continued the rhetoric that she was “creating a coalition” to deal with this matter.

Insisting she did not veto the bill, Noem says she simply “asked the legislature to change it so I can win.”

According to the Daily Caller, on March 8, Noem said she was “excited” to sign the bill. However, on March 19, her communications director told them that she was still “weighing” the bill.

It’s unclear how much this will hurt Governor Noem’s popularity and what she will do to regain her standing with the conservative movement, but she will need to do something soon, or else she might never see public office again.

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