Tucker Carlson just exposed the sick way Democrats want to steal this key Senate race

Democrats are leaving no stone unturned.

With polls showing momentum has swung in Republican’ favor, Democrats are desperate for any path to retaining power.

But now Tucker Carlson just exposed the sick way Democrats want to steal this key Senate race.

Momentum is building for Republican candidates in key Senate races across the country.

Republicans only need to flip one seat in the U.S. Senate to win back the majority.

But Democrats have a failsafe plan, and it involves the state of Utah.

Democrats did not field an official candidate so Never-Trump “Independent” Evan McMullin could challenge incumbent Senator Mike Lee (R-UT).

McMullin ran in the 2016 Presidential election as a third party candidate, claiming then-candidate Donald Trump would not fight for conservative values and won 20% of the vote in Utah.

Tucker Carlson warned that Democrats are now implementing a ruse where McMullin is pretending to be an “independent” while secretly striking an agreement with Democrats to keep them in the majority if he wins.

“[Evan McMullin]’s running for Senate in the state of Utah against the incumbent Mike Lee and amazingly, he could win, he could actually win,” Carlson explained. “Now, if McMullin does win, his vote could very well give Democrats control of the U.S. Senate. How did this happen? How is this possible? It doesn’t make sense. Utah is a conservative, highly Republican state.”

Carlson explained that, in reality, McMullin is not an independent.

Democrat donors have funded McMullin’s campaign from the start, and he even hired Democrat consultants to run his bid for the U.S. Senate.

“Evan McMullin has the same politics and worldview as Pete Buttigieg, he is a liberal Democrat,” Carlson continued. “But he is not running as a liberal Democrat and that’s the key to his success this year. Evan McMullin is running instead as an independent. Many voters appear to be under the impression he actually is independent. But he is not. That’s a lie – a transparent lie. Evan McMullin is roughly as independent as Kamala Harris is. He is considerably less independent than, say, Ilhan Omar.”

Evan McMullin also adopted the Democrat Party platform as his own by opposing the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, and supporting amnesty for the children of illegal aliens.

Carlson said the people of Utah could elect a liberal Democrat to the Senate if they so choose, but they should not do so under false pretenses.

“If voters in Utah want to elect a liberal Democrat – if they want to elect another Pete Buttigieg and they think that Pete Buttigieg’s politics or McMullin’s politics represent the politics of the families of Utah – then go ahead and do it,” Carlson conceded. “But don’t lie, be transparent. Say who you are. You are a liberal Democrat.”

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