Tucker Carlson just exposed the insanity of the COVID regime by playing one Biden clip

The Left desperately wants Tucker Carlson off the air.

He has the most-watched cable news show, and he uses his platform to embarrass the establishment.

And Carlson just exposed the insanity of the COVID regime by playing one Biden clip.

The members within the COVID regime are not behaving like serious people.

One minute they’re pounding their fists on the table for people to lock down and mask up indefinitely, and the next minute they’re gathering in large groups with no masks and no social-distancing.

That’s exactly what Joe Biden did when he stumped for Terry McAuliffe, who’s sweating bullets in his bid for Virginia Governor, which was supposed to be a cakewalk for the Democrats.

Perhaps the only thing more infuriating than the draconian mandates of the COVID regime is the hypocrisy of its members.

Democrats excused Biden’s behavior by saying he’s double-vaccinated, but that’s not what politicians and public health experts have been imploring.

They want everyone to mask up seemingly until the country has attained the impossible standard of COVID Zero.

But the rules don’t apply to the Left.

The double standard first became apparent when politicians and the corporate-controlled press were telling all Americans to stay home in order to protect grandma, but then they urged everyone to take to the streets in the name of social justice to protest George Floyd’s killing.

A cadre of “woke” medical experts even signed a letter saying it was imperative to march shoulder to shoulder in the streets in the midst of a global pandemic because racism was deadlier than COVID.

The entire charade was ridiculous, and it only got worse.

Democrat politicians like Gavin Newsom, J.B. Pritzker, Lori Lightfoot, Andrew Cuomo and several others defied their own COVID restrictions.

It also didn’t help that Dr. Anthony Fauci flip-flopped on a number of COVID issues.

The COVID regime has lost the trust of the American people, and it can never get back that trust. 

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