Tucker Carlson had a surprising response to this attempt to get him canceled

Leftists seized on the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a chance to silence anyone who opposed their agenda.

And popular Fox News host Tucker Carlson was the number one target.

But Tucker Carlson had a surprising response to this attempt to get him canceled.

Former Tea Party Congressman turned Never-Trump “resistance” hero Joe Walsh set off a social media stir by supposedly posting a quote from Tucker Carlson questioning if the atrocities committed by Russian forces in Ukraine were real.

Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger – who is a firehose of misinformation spreading lies on social media about the “Ghost of Kyiv” – seized on the Walsh tweet to claim Tucker Carlson is a Russian asset.

“Russian asset” is the favorite slur for swamp creatures like Kinzinger who advocate for direct military confrontation with Russia.

And it’s a cheap attempt to force media outlets to silence their opponents.

Carlson addressed this on the air noting the irony of the whole situation.

Kinzinger and others on the Left who regularly bemoan the spread of “misinformation” online spread a quote that Joe Walsh completely fabricated.

“Walsh is known for his willingness to say anything that might help the Democratic Party whether or not it’s true,” Carlson began. “Well, last night he lived up to his reputation.”

“It’s completely made up – utterly,” Carlson added. “We didn’t say that, we didn’t say anything like that. We didn’t even address the topic on the air in any way. So everything about Joe Walsh’s tweet is a manufactured lie. It’s pure disinformation as they now say.”

Carlson added that he was unable to respond to the false quote Walsh made up because Twitter locked him out of his account for speaking the truth that Biden administration official Rachel Levine was a biological male born Richard Levine.

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