Tucker Carlson got some bad news that could take him off the air for good

The entire radical Left is waging an all-out war on conservative speech.

They recently named Tucker Carlson one of their top targets.

And Tucker Carlson just got some bad news that could take him off the air for good.

As part of their all-out war on conservative speech, the radical Left recently started targeting conservative members of the media, particularly Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

And after failing to convince Fox News to outright fire Tucker Carlson, the radical Left is now pressuring advertisers as part of their latest attempt to force Tucker Carlson off the air for good.

In fact, during a speech on Tuesday to the World Federation of Advertisers, Anti-Defamation League (ADL) National Director Jonathan Greenblatt urged advertisers to “choose a side” and stop spending their advertising money on networks like Fox News.

“Through your advertising muscle, you have a distinct and powerful voice in what information networks like Fox and Facebook will and will not allow on their platforms,” began Greenblatt.

“You can hold them accountable like few other actors in society because your dollars are the fuel that enables their business model,” added Greenblatt, reminding advertisers of the power they wield over the networks.

Of course, the ADL is lying and distorting what Tucker Carlson said in an effort to further stifle and suppress conservative speech in America.

Tucker Carlson even explained how absurd the ADL’s attacks against him are during a recent episode of his show on Fox News.

But the ADL doesn’t care about facts or truths.

All they care about is shutting up and silencing anyone who doesn’t parrot the Left’s radical agenda.

“Commit to this fight. Choose a side,” declared Greenblatt.

“Choose to pause or even pull your ads, not just from problematic programs, but altogether from networks that don’t respect all people or that repeat baseless conspiracies that endanger all of us,” Greenblatt concluded.

Whether or not the advertisers will listen to Greenblatt and pull their ads from Fox News is still to be determined.

But if they do, it could be the end of Tucker Carlson’s career since Fox News can’t exist without advertising revenue.

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