Tucker Carlson blew the lid off a Deep State scheme that could cause World War III

Tucker Carlson regularly drops facts that the Left doesn’t want you to hear.

He is one of the last real journalists on network TV.

And Tucker Carlson just blew the lid off a Deep State scheme that could cause World War III.

If one thing has been proven in recent years, it is that wars across the world are being purposefully pushed by Deep State interests on both sides of the political spectrum.

They both personally benefit the military industrial complex, who profit handsomely from the weaponry and infrastructure required to continue these wars, and it allows the government to take more freedoms from citizens, like with the infamous “Patriot” Act.

During President Trump’s four years in office he made strides to pull troops out of countries that many felt would never even leave.

In particular, Trump worked to remove troops from Afghanistan.

His last months in office showed that he was serious.

Less than 2,000 troops remained in the region, and most of the equipment had been pulled from the country.

But all of that came to a screeching halt when The New York Times released a story, sourcing officials in the U.S. Intel Community, claiming that Russia was offering bounties to Taliban militants on the heads of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.

As Tucker Carlson explains, that article, which has since been proven definitively to be false, put a stop to that withdrawal of troops.

“[Trump] told aides he was going to pull the troops out. Then on June 26 of last year The New York Times stopped him from doing that,” Carlson said.

The Times [wrote] a story saying that the American Intel Community had quote, ‘Concluded that a Russian military intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to Taliban linked militants for killing coalition forces in Afghanistan.’ Vladimir Putin was murdering American soldiers. Obviously, there was no leaving Afghanistan now. Anyone who suggested leaving Afghanistan would bowing to Vladimir Putin.”

Following this story, the Fake News Media claimed that Trump was hiding this story to cozy up to Russia.

Of course, that wasn’t true, and now that Joe Biden is in office, the Intel Community has admitted as such, in order to allow Biden to state that he will pull troops out of Afghanistan.

Despite this, Joe Biden is continuing vicious anti-Russia attacks, recently stating that Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t have a soul during an interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC News.

Carlson points out that it appears that Biden is trying to stoke conflict with Russia, and that the story about bounties on U.S. troops was an attempt to get Trump to do the same.

The difference between Trump and Biden is that Trump wasn’t willing to buy their lies, and realized that a full-scale war with Russia should be avoided if at all possible.

Carlson finishes up his segment by responding to Biden claiming Putin doesn’t have a soul, stating, “This is a head of state who has like over a thousand nuclear weapons aimed at us. Why does our President talk about Russia this way? Well, it is obvious. Clearly, we are moving toward some kind of larger confrontation with Russia. Why are we doing that? And what would it look like?”

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